You don’t play any game in life by sheer luck or chance. You may get an opportunities, strikes in your favour to determine your position but you could not consider it as your constant luck. When you learn any game you need to sharpen it again and again to make sure no one is reaching at your height.  Some people retain that specially earned artistry for shorter period, some people for longer period and then there is Roger Federer who own the game like a king!  Being in game , playing, winning, loosing, getting injured, facing young talents,  being defeated by them and marking come back again and again with grand(slam) victory   it is a matter of hardest cost this man paid in his life.  In his own words when he said

“What I think I’ve been able to do well over the years is play with pain, play with problems and play in all sorts of conditions.” – Roger Federer

Some players are born to play, win and then retire. Few are born to play, win and inspire! Roger Federer is second category player.  He plays for win & inspire his fans. I am watching him since 2000-2001. Yes he was and he is one my favourite tennis player. Watching his strong aggressive presence in the tennis court is always a joy. That time it I was not in the age to understand the technicalities of this sport nor I had any knowledge of tennis terms except winning and losing sets but somehow my basic instinct quickly observed that Roger Federer plays with unique class. His flaws are spontaneous & most vivid thing was his excellent footwork. This footwork always gave him an advantage over his opponents. Watching Federer and his remarkable winnings in grand slams, his victories over the experienced players like Andre Agassi to the youngsters like Rafael Nadal, Djokovic are the memorable experiences of school and college life. I quickly fell in love with his game and remained his fan for long time.

            If you ever know the life of any professional player you will have an idea how difficult it is to live and survive. These are the people who compromised their childhood, their adolescence and young age. Life becomes crucial model of discipline for them and all those means of fun, enjoyment, entertainment subtract for the sport they dedicate.  Being prepared at 3-4 a.m. every day for the training and continue it till 8 – 10 p.m. at night. Taking only chosen food and keeping stamina, strength, endurance at par while going through acute mental, physical, emotional pressure requires lot of guts, energy and courage. That’s why I always feel you learn much more inspiration, mind techniques, strategies by following these sportsmen & sportswomen. Logic is simple they are doing what they doing from number of years consistently, persistently without giving up.  Making it habitual, making it as a part of DNA in their blood. So anything or everything you want in life unless it mix up in your blood, sip in your soul you couldn’t probably get it.  It’s no wonder why me or other people love Roger Federer more and more while watching his journey. He started his professional career from 1998 and if we see the chart there are no more fluctuations as he was unbeatable, unstoppable, undisputed champion and top ten ranker till 2016 before major injuries finally captured him. Journey was not so easy. People love sports but their memories are not so sharp. They tend to forget who is topper. As long as you are top you will be memorise, if you lose, if you throw out of the court then in no time you will become history. Show will be going on and there shall be new rising pawns to surpass the glory of old ones. I am happy   Federer once again reminded on 16th July 2017   while holding that precious Wimbledon trophy in his hands that he is and he will be memorable and timeless in the history of tennis.

I guess there is nothing left which he did not win. If seen summarily its

  • 8 Wimbledon titles (including this year) in which 5 are consecutive wins from 2003-2007 (A record)
  • 5 Australian open titles
  • 5 consecutive US open titles from 2004 -2008(A record)
  • 1 French open title. (2009)
  • Olympic gold medal in doubles in 2008 Beijing Olympics & Olympic silver medal in singles in 2012 London Olympic Games.
  • 6 ATP world tours finals win
  • Being a part of winning team from his country in prestigious Hopman Cup in 2001 and also the winning team member at Davis Cup in year 2014.

You would get an idea now why he is regarded as greatest tennis player of all times by his fellow players and sports critic. Most of all agree that he is an instinctive player. His strategies are spontaneous more than planned one. Though his backhands are sometimes week his forehead stroke works wonder with additional benefit of excellent footwork. Moreover he is a risk taker. I too observed many times he never afraid to play near the net. While his rivals prefer to take defensive mode sticking at the baseline and opting out to retrieve strokes from there. I confess here that I too overwhelmed by Rafael Nadal, Djokovic, and Andy Murray   for quite some time but there is no comparison and replacement of Roger Federer. If you remember how 2007 Wimbledon finale ended with the brilliant performance between Nadal and Federer, What a thrilling five set experience that was! Where millions of spectators were present still having pin drop silence in the court, two warriors were fighting to claim the title and giving goose bumps to the tennis fans all over the world. Federer won that match and title marking the fifth consecutive title victory in Wimbledon.  Yes Nadal is awesome and Djokovic or Andy Murray possess different style and class.  These players have their peculiar strong base but Federer gives us new reason with his every triumph to fall in love with him again and again.

While his victory against Marin Cilic in the recent Wimbledon match was much easier and he won without dropping the set but before marking this finishing he was facing major back foot. From 2013 he had to struggle with his notorious back injury.  2013  ended on the note of dropped world ranking from 2nd to 6th and his dispute with earlier coach. While he continued to play in 2014-15 despite of injuries and achieved major success other than grand slams. In 2016 he got knee injury as a companion to his earlier back injuries. 2016 was disaster to see him dropping out in quarter finals, or in 3rd rounds from most of the prestigious titles including grand slams.

More than just a physical strength players like Federer plays with an unbreakable will power. When physical strength hampers then years of practice, years of discipline, years of accumulated mental strength & desires comes into picture and plays pivotal role to stand, to win and to sustain in between.  In 2017 Federer proved to is critics in spite of being injured and although he is in his forties he can rule!  It was a grand starting of the year achieving a grand slam victory in Australian open against his favourite rival Rafael Nadal in January 2017. It is pertinent to note that he is the oldest player who won this title after Ken Roswell who won the Australian open in 1972 at the age of 37 years. Skipping the clay courts for the concern of his recovery and returning to his favourite grass court season he won the Wimbledon title for 8th time. This counts overall 19 major grand slam titles of the career. Noteworthy thing in this tournament, he won this title without losing his sets! Again he is the oldest player who won the Wimbledon that too without dropping a single set. Moreover Federer is the only player who won five consecutive titles at Wimbledon and US Open.

Federer dominated the male tennis world. Being 14 times consecutive winner of ATPWorldtour.com Fan’s favourite award from (2003-2016) confirms the same story. He won many prestigious awards so far.  His success or his financial glory as the highest paid athlete in world is admirable but more than that important is his huge impact on sport aspirants in his country and all over the world denote how special he is as an inspiration to move forward in life! Legends couldn’t develop overnight. They just turn up again and again from the ashes of failures, pains and disasters. Eventually that’s make them legend. He is currently 35 and millions of fans including me wish to see him on the tennis court for longer period. If possible infinite time!

Recently when Federer said “I can’t stay no. 1 for fifty years, you know we will see what happens.” Listening to this his well-wishers and fans all over the world may have whispered “We shall see Federer, we shall see if that happens!”

So my dear friends on closing note,

Any game is never so easy and if you want to play the game of life with class & an attitude then be the Roger Federer of your life!

Stay motivating, Stay strong, and Stay inspired!

-Simply Anjali

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