What is the meaning Rahul Gandhi and Modi’s hug signifies

What is the meaning Rahul Gandhi and Modi’s hug signifies

It was going to be pall and ordinary speech as it was meant to be. Many of his speeches are still subject of mockery. Most of the people of his country think he do talk in a childish way. He do not have a mannerisms, his speeches lack spontaneity. Subjects are never contemporaneous, statements he used to make are without any substance or evidence but he is the strong contender of prime-minister ship in the next general elections happened to be in 2019 as he was in 2014. His party members are eagerly waiting to remove the tag of “contender” and watch him as a brand new & young prime minister of Country but this dream is lacking support. People at all not ready to watch him, to accept him in a role of candidate for next Prime Minister. Branding is the prevalent choice his party learned from opposition so far. So the tactics are grooming up for building his impossible image from “being pappu” to “future Prime Minister of India”.

The historical hug given by Rahul Gandhi to PM Modi was the part of image branding which Congress has pre-thought so far in its mind to steal the thunder from BJP. Still question remains did they become successful?  Is the show gone well? How far it is true that such an impromptus act of hugging PM Modi by the party’s president changed into master move?

In my opinion show went genuinely well with the high spirit embarkation ended in low spirit “wink” capable of ripping off the veil of well calculated move unsuccessfully portrayed as a impromptu.

The speech of Congress President Rahul Gandhi could never be the subject of great enthusiasm for his supporter. In that sense he is not a great orator which is the prime necessity of every politician to become successful and popular leader among his people. Every time his speeches are full with indecent intonation, childish appearance, silly mistakes which give reasons for laugh out louder for everyone including opposition. We could realize how tougher is the task before Congress to build and brandish his image as intelligent & fiercely aggressive speaker like his grandmother and great-grandfather.

Stealing the philosophy of opposition could be one part where leaving behind the love for Muslim quota Congress is assertive on the point of Hindutva.  Making statement as “Janeudhari Bramhin” could be seen as an effort of showing that the legacy of Gandhi belongs to the race of Hindu.

If we listen his speech in today’s #Noconfidencemotion you can ascertain his words.

“Main Pradhanmantri, BJP, RSS ka bahut abhari hun ki inhone muze Hindustani hone ka matlab samzaya. Aap ke andar mere liye nafarat hai, aap ke andar mere liye gussa hai, aap ke liye main pappu hun, magar mere liye apake liye itana sab hi gussa nahi. Main congress hun, hum sab congress hai aur is bhavana ne is desh ko banaya hai..”

Right after his speech he went ahead towards PM Modi. As soon as anyone realize he came close at his seat and gave him a much hyped cryptical hug.

Sure it was the moment of the day. Well-crafted effort to confuse the opposition where for second or two shrewd politician like Modi was too baffled to react.  He quickly regained his non-alignment static stature back and had a pat on the back of Rahul Gandhi. He shook his hand and talked something in his ears.Sometimes an act speaks for a thousand words alone. Sometimes a simple gesture can give more subtle impact than the thunderous speech. It is the charisma of visual image which could be imprinted around millions of audience where words can be ignored but an image is always remembered.

Rahul Gandhi somehow initially achieved that impact. He visually challenged that how hate and abuse is the policy of BJP but he still could be an answer to this hatred by showing his love for them. Congress always mocked Modi for his foreign visits and moreover his famous hugs to other country’s Presidents. While giving a hug Rahul Gandhi used Modi’s own signature move for effective checkmate.

First time Congress may have seen improvement in social media game where the move went viral and it was the much talked subject. It was a positive vibe for the supporters and much amused still mocked move for the opponents.

If this no confidence motion is considered to be the beginning of BJP’s campaign for 2019 Rahul Gandhi’s pilferage have significant impact to bring it out  with modification.

Somehow Congress Party President convinced that his ideology of love against the hate and new definition of Hinduism but the end of this impromptu did not go well. As soon as Rahul Gandhi caught as winking towards his colleagues in the camera the high end drama dragged downwards. People who were quite surprised by his act captured his immature expressions and learned that the act is not spontaneous but the prompted one. Where it was expected to be 100% clean spotless motion the end showed that the person still need to learn how to maintain his mask. If you are presenting on a national television and millions of eyes are pointing towards you, it is anticipated that you are keeping your expressions and movements restricted and emotionless not giving any chance of analyzing you. Thus the infantile expressions of winking reflected the weaker side of politician who is still too immature to play the game of politics.

Moral of the story:- Rahul Gandhi needs more rehearsals for his speech as well as his actions without any winks.

– Simply Anjali

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  1. RaGa should be congratulated for his act. His wink shows his immaturity. But his policy of using love against hatred will make him a good leader if follows Mahatma

    • I agree with you sir but his image branding work is difficult as his immature attitude towards things ruins the show every time.

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