Untold story of India – Israel relationship

Untold story of India – Israel relationship

Foreign affairs ministry is utmost important element for any country. Every policy under foreign affairs whether it is internal or external could be decided on the sole ground of the welfare of Country. Any adverse or favorable decision of foreign affairs can have huge impact on all sectors such as finance, agriculture, industry, defense, housing, technology.

After Independence there were two ruling powers were in swing namely as Russia and America. In our school days, we have learned that Prime Minister Nehru accepted the policy of alienation leaving aside any of them. Let’s take an example of India and Israel relationship to understand how foreign affairs subject is too deep to understand.

Israel was separated from the British on 14 May 1948. India was against the idea of Partitioning of Palestine plan of 1947 and voted against Israel’s admission in the United Nations in 1949. Since independence, Indian leaders, including Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Nehru were the supporters of Israel’s staunch enemy Palestine.

The Palestine Day was celebrated on 27th September, 1936 in India and it was continued to be celebrated in later years also. India was the first non- Arab country who had granted the official recognition to the Palestine Liberation Organization. The office of the organization was also opened in New Delhi in 1980. Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat also officially visited India and called the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi as “his sister”. These glimpse are sufficient to show the status of relationship between Palestine and India.

Now the question arises as what was the reason behind all this political drama?

The entire Arab nation was against Israel. The dependency of India on Arab nations for crude oil and petroleum products was crucial point at that time. Apart from this the Indian people who were working in Arabian countries there safety and security as well as the million dollar trade benefits were alluring enough to please the Arab community for making India prosperous. Pakistan was trying to do the same with additional cover of religious apparel and rifest blessings of America.

But the situation has been changed drastically after the fall of the Soviet Union. In the nineteenth century; America, the one and only ruling power in world forced the then Indian Prime Minister Narasimha Rao to start a  new relationship with Israel.

This relationship took a swing and matured from 1998 under the prime minister ship of hon,ble Atal Bihari Vajapeyee. As a result of this, Israel’s Prime Minister Ariel Sharon gave his historic visit to India in 2003.

If we think what kind of fruits India exactly earned from this relationship?

Let’s take a look back when we had done our first successful nuclear test at Pokharan. The whole world was busy protesting India, only three countries were stood up by our side namely Russia, France and Israel.

India had done it’s first deal with Israel to buy Barak- 1; a surface-to-air missile (SAM) designed to be used as a ship-borne point-defense missile system against aircraft, anti-ship missiles and UAVs. This deal was utmost important for India because at the same time Pakistan has earned the extravagant gifts of aircrafts and 27 Harpoon missiles from America. Barak- 1 was the perfect answer to the Harpoon missiles.

In 2003, India made a deal of Phalcon AWACS from Israel for one billion dollar. Phalcon AWACS (Airborne Warning AND Control Systems) is India’s First AWACS which is capable of detecting any aerial threats more effectively than ground-based radars. It is also capable to defend against cruise missiles and hostile aircraft more efficiently. It is the  state-of-the-art radar, which increased the influential capability of the Indian Military Forces in the sub-region of Asia. When this deal was happened at that time except Russia nobody was trading with India to sell missiles or radar.

In 2016, the Indian government has approved the purchase plan of two more Phalcon AWACS systems. Now India and Israel also exchanging the technology for making Barak 8;  an Indian-Israeli surface-to-air missile (SAM), designed to defend against any type of airborne threat including aircraft, helicopters, anti-ship missiles, and UAVs as well as ballistic cruise missiles also combat jets.

Let’s take a look at agriculture field. A monumental scheme namely “Center for Excellence for vegetables” has launched in Harayana from the combine efforts of India and Israel. There is a plan to develop the fields of Olive; the middle-east crops in Indian agricultural land. Nearly one and half lakhs of olive trees have been planted in Rajasthan’s desert, from which more than one hundred tonnes of production is yielded and exported till date.

Israel always has upper hand in the espionage. It has developed it’s cyber security at excellent level. Anecdotal evidence of how far Israel has progressed in this area could be seen where   Israel successfully hacked  the computer system  of Islamic State and started out the tracing of the terrorists’ whereabouts. This secret was first known to the world by the grace of Donald Trump  who cracked it to the  Russian ambassadors. This caused lot of frustration in the newspapers for Trump, but first time  the world become aware about the potential of Israel.

India and Israel signed the agreement  about cyber security at the event of historic visit of Israel  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s from 14 to 19 January 2018.  Although besides all these official events RAW and MOSAD are secretly in touch with each other for the long-term.

The then prime minister Indira Gandhi and  Mr. Rameswaranath Kao, founder of RAW were secretive in keeping relations with MOSAD for the sake and grace of Arab nations. The RAW and MOSAD had Pakistan, China and North Korea relations on their espionage radar. MOSAD had huge suspect over Pakistani army who was giving training to Libyan and Iranians to operate Chinese and Korean weapons. In this issue RAW helped MOSAD and in exchange MOSAD had given top secret information to India during the Kargil war. (It is also said that MOSAD carried on the responsibility with MI-5 for the protection of Narendra Modi during the G20 summit.)

It has been seen that when United States do not like the policy of any country it simply banned it’s all relation with the same country. If this happens the past contracts and purchase of  weapon parts can be huge waste of time. That is why  Israel is better  choice for India than USA.

Nearly seven contracts related to defense field has been made with Israel. With USA we have 9 contracts. It will be observed that India and Israel both countries are positively driving their interests in the defense sector with all other areas.

Now, if we want to summarize this, the geographical, economic, political, social, industrial changes in different countries results into changing the status of   relationship between two individual countries.  It is utmost important to maintain international relation and keep updating foreign affair ministry.

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