Sonam di wedding

Sonam di wedding

Sonam Anil Kapoor got married to her boyfriend Anand Ahuja. The marriage was big fat Indian wedding in the extravagant presence of Bollywood celebrities. Everything from bride’s dress to her make up, jewelry, looks to Groom’s shoes have been discussed as national news.

Sonam is not my favorite actress nor I follow her on social media. I have a very few or little information about her. She is born with silver spoon in mouth kinda woman but good at heart, bold and doing good in her career. First time I got to know about everything about her on social media and  the occasion was her marriage Most of the people I heard, I read on social media were passing remarks about her husband being old or not so good looking. I thought in my mind, “huh? groom is young, good looking, well cultured, educated, blue eyed boy and still people find him ugly ? what kind of mentality this is?” I went on to read the comments and opinion about Anand and felt this was the similar matter with me few years ago.

Few years ago I was the one who used to give much importance to the look. I used to think that looks and charm does matter the most in any relationship. My thoughts were crystal clear that girl should marry a guy if only he is good looking, charming and of course rich ! I went further where I changed myself completely to look more and more beautiful, young and vibrant. The underlying purpose for going this kind of a change was getting a good looking guy to marry. Seriously. I was looking for the admiration from external circumstances. As I was always abused and insulted because of my fatty stature so I decided and worked hard to transform myself.

I was quite successful in this transformation and soon went ahead from fat to fit and being fab. But on parallel side in the journey of my life I met guys who were fitting into my parameters. They were quite wealthy, handsome , rich and good looking. Of course they had enough money to keep themselves fit by spending on branded cloths, shoes, accessories, gym, protein supplements and drugs. Their family had a huge status in the society and they were the men of fortune who become fortunate just by an identity imprinted by birth in rich and aristocrat gharana. They had a style , an attitude , mannerisms, USA wala English accent, enough money in pocket to buy anything everything.

The real problem started when they came in life not to give anything but to bargain. Yes simply bargain. For them there was no difference between things and people. They had enough money so they wanted to buy a girl like me too! For them I wasn’t a human but just the commodity for exchange. They wanted to enjoy my looks, my beauty in bed (that’s how some of them kept their proposals before me) but nobody was ready to give any commitment. I realized this is the problem with looks and charm. The more you die for  beautiful looks, you will hurt to know the cheaper characteristic of mind and soul. Most of the time elegant looks do not go hand in hand with elegant heart.

I have seen a guy who was much more handsome than Prabhas or Rana Daggubati but I still remember who told my friend who was madly love with him that ” Don’t think I am a fool to marry you , I am upper cast wala and you belong to lower cast than mine!”

So whoever people commenting that Anand Ahuja is not younger or he is old looking.Dear girls and guys go get some life. Fix your own life instead. He gave his name, his commitment, his status, his identity to his bride.He dint sleep with her and thrown her away. He followed his promise. It doesn’t matter about his richness as Sonam Kapoor being equally rich. It’s about their comfort, their love and destiny.No one should marry for the looks because the looks fade away eventually. What remains at last is your partner’s nature, his attitude , his passion, and his unconditional love for you!

– Simply Anjali

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