My Fat loss story: From the diary of PCOS survivor part-4

My Fat loss story: From the diary of PCOS survivor part-4

This was probably the most fascinating part I am writing in the PCOS survivor series. I am already busy in creating quality content for my blogs and that probably made me overwhelmed to forget that I promised to write about the formula I got for my stubborn fat loss. The response to my wellness series was quite huge and unexpected. I am obliged but that did not stop me there. It actually blazed the darker paths in my mind in order to awake and act for the greater purpose. Basically you need some aims, purposes to live your life. It is the basic step to fulfil any dream. First you have to have dream, you have to have aim then it is possible that you would accomplish it.

Coming to my fat loss story first thing I would like to mention you that there is no any short term formula. There is no magic wand but if you want to be successful in your weight loss journey know your body, have patience, stick to the basics. Core knowledge about how your body works and it’s connection with food you eat can break the vicious circle of weight gain. If you are not accustomed with me you can read About Me section at the top of this blog. As this is the fourth part of PCOS survivor series I am writing, to read the previous parts just scroll at the right side of the blog from your laptop/desktop, if you are using mobile scroll down and watch the option “Categories”. After clicking on “select categories” under the heading you will find one option “PCOS Survivor Series” You can click on the option to read all the articles in that section written previously including this one.

Well my fat loss story has lots of ups and downs. As I was obese from childhood it took countless efforts to sustain the weight loss I managed to do.  Just today while turning back watching the journey I somehow feel good that I never give up.  It is always a matter of momentum when you are fighting for something endlessly in spite of many superficial and natural obstacles like genetics, pcos, wrong advices, wrong diet, wrong exercises etc. Some of the proud marking moments in this journey were appreciating my efforts by like -minded people as well as  featuring  in India’s top LOA site called back in 2014. It was the founder of  Ajay Mishra sir who was constantly asking me to write my story as it would be great help to people who are going through same situation like me. I wrote story two years ago and gave it to him.  The credit of that article solely belongs to him as he had taken 3 months efforts to motivate me for writing that story & I finally wrote it. My heartfelt gratitude to Ajay Sir. I feel myself proud and lucky that I became part of awesomeaj. If you want to read that story you can click here.

             That story was written in 2014. It’s  2.5 years over and my journey is going on.Of course now the impossible become possible , difficult become easy and the path is converted from hardest to smooth plain road. Many things happened and life is constantly changing. The huge problem of mine was stagnant weight and it was reversing constantly. Sadly to my wonder the huge expenditure I spent on buying branded protein powders, fat burners, branded supplements had a waste of time and body was not even showing 1% of result. I used to scratch my head many times as to why body is not at all responding to the diets and supplements which have benefited other people? My search for holistic approach and solution for sustainable fat loss continued until I finally found answer. Let me tell you I am a huge fan of internet surfing. I spent plenty of time on searching net and collecting info from all possible ways. By some or other way I just bumped to some exciting information about our body on the net.


Many of you may raise your eyebrows when I have taken the name of “Ayurveda.” Word is defamed & is defamed by so called yoga-guru, sad-guru, celebrity dieticians and propagandist. These people are selling there idiocy under the name and label of Ayurveda while culminating this most authentic ancient science. First ever in my life I am proud to say that I am thankful that I born in India otherwise I would never experience the bliss of Ayurveda. Being a law of attraction practitioner, nature lover I could quickly connect to the core principles of homoeopathy & Ayurveda. Why? Because it depicts the profound power of nature to heal you. These sciences work in consonance with the natural healing principles and therefore you will get results late but permanent. When nature heals you, it heal without damaging your inner balance. You might experience healing is slow but it will not hamper you any way. Please take a note that   this is also not some kind of magic. If you are healed in natural ways even then you need to take care of your health by following life time discipline. This is the truth about every other diet or every medical pathy. Homoeopathy, Ayurveda are not exception to that.


  After acquiring few knowledge about Ayurveda I met my doctor, Dr. Vivek Kulkarni. Simply great personality, charismatic, having profound knowledge about homoeopathy, naturopathy & Ayurveda. If you want to know more about him please visit his website here. After visiting him I came to know many interesting facts about basic structure of our body and science of Ayurveda. Most of the people know there are three dominant types of bodies defined in Ayurveda. The philosophy of Ayurveda describes that our body is made up from three vital elements (Dosha) called as   Vata(Air),  Pitta(Fire/metabolic fire) & Kapha (water).  Whatever you do, whatever you eat you will become as per the tendency of your body. For example my body type was “Vata-Pitta” aggravated body. (That I came to know after proper examination of my pulse-rate  by doctor. This examination of pulse calls as “Nadi-Parikshan” in Ayurveda which decides your body type)  My body was bulky and heavy additionally it was swelled. This swelling and bulkiness was due to vitiated elements of vata, pitta & kapha in body. After knowing my body type and the list of food given which I should  or should not eat by him  I realised that  my food habits were not at all complimentary in all these years. Basically my eating was always mindless and I used to stuff my body with kind of diets which were not suitable or you can say diets which my body was not accepting or adjusting.  Due to my experiments about food the internal metabolic harmony just went into toss. Since my metabolism and my food habits were wrong, how much hours I spent in gym or how much protein food or supplements I take body was not at all showing any result. I finally understood how much time and money I have wasted without knowing the real science. Dr. Kulkarni thrown light on many topics like diet, lifestyle, diet according to season, diet according to your place of living, exercise, importance of yoga and suryanamaskaram (sun salutations)  water intake   and many more. Notable thing in his consultation that whatever he told to me was not new. They were the same things my grandmother, my grandfather used to do. Conversation with him reminded me my earliest childhood days spent at my countryside house. It was unfortunate on my part that simplistic yet purest, finest and original life style I abandoned and converted myself to follow the worst trends. Even today I am thankful to Dr. Kulkarni for his insight. It helped me to understand better the staple connection between mind, body, soul and our food intake. I have taken one year gap from my current life style. No gym, not being protein vampire(yeah baby always hungry for more and more protein kinda thing) , no fat burners, no supplements. Only some customized detoxification treatments at his hospital with pure Marathi authentic homemade food & lots of rest.


This is I am saying from my own experience. Many of you will relate with it. If you have genetic conditions like hypothyroidism, PCOS then its different. Again the word “genetic” is important , if the disease is not genetic then you have created it by your lifestyle and mind-set.

  • Binge Eating: I don’t know from how many years I was victim of binge eating. I simply did not know what my true appetite is. I tend to overeat. Somehow I developed this habit since childhood it become part of my flesh and blood. Yes your habits do become part of your DNA and plays vital role in your life’s decision. That is why every true visionary/ seer in this world will ask you to observe your habits first.
  • Lack of love: This is the huge subject and needs separate attention. Lack of love has many layers. Lack of love for yourself, lack of love from family members, lack of love from your relatives, friends and society. Feelings like “I am not important for my family, I am not important for my husband, I am not important for my friends bear the syndrome of depression and it has in depth association with your physical conditions like obesity, arthritis, dark circles, weight gain tendency, irregular periods and so on. This lack of love primarily develop the habit of binge eating. You find your comfort in eating despite of the truth that your body do not need any extra food. You continue to eat whenever you feel depress & this tendency develop so unintentionally, so unconsciously without giving you any idea what you are doing to your body.
  • Lack of confidence about yourself: Again the major factor. If the mind-set is depressed you will not at all feel confidence in anything.
    To complete any task successfully you need to be present by physically and mentally. It’s your mind who bears the aim then how it is possible to achieve any goal while your mind absent into it? 
     You became the slaves of your own habits and easy things become herculean task for you.


I joined gym after a gap of year again. Seriously I can’t live without weights. I am a   runner by heart and lifter by soul (& fighter by mind). Being a state and national player it is not easy to keep away myself from exercise. Besides there is no reason why should I leave lifting weights. This time without those meal replacement shakes or without stuffing my mouth with unnatural amount of fats and protein my body started to show result. Endurance, stamina, strength was elevated. Upper body started to become fit and toned and lower body dramatically reduced with the help of weight training. I was doing weights for years but saw the results recently after revitalising myself on combine treatment of homoeopathy and Ayurveda as well as balanced approach to my food. As I said treatment was for few sessions but discipline I needed to maintain for lifetime.

After understanding core knowledge of Ayurveda life style, connection of body, mind & soul,   importance of original and real food one day I just sit back in my room alone and started to note down what I really feel, what type of mentality I have, what are my food habits, what things from my past still causing incision in my heart, How much I eat, what are the symptoms body develop if I eat particular food. Food or diet which is beneficial for other people may not going easy on my body. I made an extensive list and dozen of pages analysis about myself. I realised many things went wrong. Some of the highlights were:

  • I tend to overeat not even knowing that.
  • I tend to take every trend in market and experiment it on my body without knowing its possible side effects. (Yeah I did every famous diet and left it after few months of following. Still remember horrible stuffing I used to feel in my mouth even when  I feel vomiting while eating but I used to eat any way.)
  • I tend to accept whatever written on internet.
  • I had a depressed and failed mind set
  • I had a problem with my own confidence level.
  • I had a tendency of comparison (That’s bad and dangerous too. You need to realise everyone is unique and there is no scope of competition. You can only mind your own progress. (Besides you don’t know the “anabolic truth” behind those so called slim, trim, shredded bodies.)
  • I observed thoughts of anger, vengeance, grief, insult pulling me back from finding my true potential. There are bruises and wounds of past incidents I am still carrying which were continuously flowing and sipping the happiness of my present life.

I made these and few more observations and decided action plan to take control of my body. I believe in power of mind so I decided to take control of my mind first.


I simply recreated these pictures. Reason? I want to show you the difference. Before picture is taken when I was on those so called  fad diets, fat burners,  having binge eating, bulimic disorders, (Yes I had bulimic disorder will write separately about it)  & disturbed  sleep patterns. If you compare you will notice how pale my face is and how much sick I am looking in the before picture. Now there is after picture taken recently. No any special dieting,  no flooded supplements, no replacement shakes just detoxified body on Ayurveda treatments, eating real traditional Maharashtrian food,  adequate water intake, mind technique exercises and delightful weight training sessions. The after picture is nothing but the reflection of inner harmony.

I stopped following so called fitness models/ Instagram models. As I am working at the core level of many industries due to my legal profession, I came to know about the ugly truth of performance enhancing drugs (P.E.D.) creating biggest boom in fitness industry. I myself was the victim of this propaganda. There are these models and you may see their 6 weeks transformation/12 weeks transformation having shredded six pack abs, chocolatie-square belly, intense muscular stature with each defined muscle and you feel wonder in your mind that why I am not getting like them. Let me tell you even if you do exercise in gym for hours and hours until you puke, even you take protein shakes, animal protein sources until you vomit you won’t be like that. Why ? the answer is those fitness model type bodies are nothing but scams. While their internal organs are completely damaged or hampered being on steroids/ performance enhancing drugs these people only try to flaunt their dead bodies. If you are continuously reading news like how these young six packs abs  fitness models  met with  cardiac arrest and died in the earliest age (may be news suddenly flashed in your mind what I am referring to)  you should feel good about yourself. You are much more healthy, beautiful and strong than these fakers. Then there are fake fitness guru’s who are blazing there great knowledge in fact making aggressive propaganda of particular products and brands and securing their own financial interests. You victimise yourself to their strategies. You loose your mind and uselessly spend your money and time on those ways which would give you temporary relief but could never realise your dream of being slim trim healthy permanently.  We need to understand that there is no any short term formula to loose weight permanently. If you want to become slim for all the time then you need to follow discipline for life time. that’s the only truth prevails.


Just look at my picture. What you have seen? Let me tell you I don’t weigh in as per your expectations. My weight scale is still have pendulum swings  in between of course I lost 13 kg from earlier but that’s not really important. Let’s see what my other achievements beside weight scale are. My lower body became fit, toned and shrunk in size, All those fat piles saturated at lower area melted down and legs become more defined than earlier, My hands became toned, My back became strong, I am able to do push ups now, I do supported pull ups and in a very few day will upload video of my independent pull ups (Yeah that’s the aim I kept before me so working to achieve that. You need to keep impossible aims before you to know your real potential). I am able to run fast and faster. Body is shrinking in size but body’s stamina, strength & endurance is elevating fast. Metabolism has dramatically improved. Skin tone and texture changed for good. Hair became thick, face become more defined. All swelling has gone. I lost in a scale of fat not weight! I changed my body composition without caring much about body weight. It doesn’t matter how much you weigh in. Matter is how much you are healthy. Know the meaning of health. Just even today when I lift weights in gym and other girls, elderly lady praise me for my heavy lifting or gave me a feel  about myself being a “wonder woman” I actually feel wonder about themselves. In that sense we all women are wonder women. We just do not know our potential. Lifting heavy is not a rocket science, it’s a matter of practice. Yes I do lift heavy but I left heaviest lifting long ago. I am no more interested in ego lifting. Taking piles of weight on shoulder in order to do show off and making nasty sounds while doing sets all wrong is something I used to appreciate in earlier days. I  left that habit behind. I now lift as per my aim, my body goals, my capacity. I do squats, lunges, dead lifts, chest press, overhead press, and other allied compound movements, free weights and few machine weights exercises. Lifting higher volume weights is not an offence. I saw many times elderly ladies, college going girls in gyms who have deficiency of calcium, vitamin d3 , vitamin b12 or any other medical conditions. These girls often carry a fragile mind set which don’t allow them even to touch the weights. Their saggy, slender bodies may have small stature or perfect weight scale like 50 kg or 52 kg but then there is no strength, no stamina, no energy, no muscle power nothing is present. Most of girls with this type of body do face symptoms like early ageing, grey hairs, fatigue & anaemia. If such girls put only 18-20 kg bar on their shoulder in order to do squat I saw the condition where once they go down deep in squat position they are not able to stand again keeping the bar intact on shoulder! reason? no strength, no stamina and weak physic. Have we really understood the meaning of being healthy? You need to be fit, you need to be strong (physically, mentally , emotionally), you need to toned. Body weight is just an illusion. It tends to change every five minutes. Your body composition is permanent and real one. Basically why to take stress when you know there is long life you have and any way your weight is definitely going down with right food, real food, basics of exercise, compound movements and healthiest strongest mind set?


  • Stress-free, being relax and doing my work.
  • Daily practice of mind techniques, practice of affirmations, visualisation, mediation and other allied mind exercises.
  • Weight training at gym for 5 days a week. Instead of doing plain cardio experimenting with HIIT(high intensity interval training), surya-namaskaram(sun salutations), yoga, step ups at the morning every day.
  • Eating homemade Maharashtrian food.
  • Eating cold press oil. I prefer coconut, sesame & peanut oil alternatively.
  • Staying away from negative people, negative energy, negative conversations, useless disputes &  Facebook farts ( Yo that’s the only work some people do while on facebook. Stay away from them. They smell really bad)

There are plenty other factors I want to highlight. Will write separate article on my changed food habits as it is not possible to stretch it in this article. Stay tuned with Simply Anjali. Be healthy, Be blessed.

-Simply Anjali

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  1. Nice motivational article… Great skills of expression.

    • Thanks a lot sampat

  2. Very enlightening! I too have lost a good deal of weight. I eat mostly healthy, stay active and do yoga daily. I stopped using the scale ages ago and feel strong and confident.

    • Hey thanks a lot Danielle. I am happy you too successfully going through your weight loss journey. Thanks a lot for responding my article.

  3. Truly Inspiring Anjali. You have been a very dedicated soul who has broken all limiting beliefs and barriers in every dimension and that’s what truly made you a champion. More success and transformation will flow your way. Keep sharing your journey because many more people need this guiding light. Proud of You. Thanks a zillion for the special mention.

    • Thanks you !!!! Your words made my day Ajay Sir. You motivated millions of people across the India. It was you who motivated me back in 2014 to write my story. I’s my privilege to feature in . Your words are truly energetic and inspiring. I am thankful to you for taking time to visit and read my article.

    • Thank you so much Dr.

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