Mind Game & Modi

Mind Game & Modi

From 1st of July 2017 GST is applied across the country (with an exception of Kashmir) and once again the spark went on like a ocean wave about the well played stroke by the beloved prime minister of India Shree Narendra Modi. I believe “beloved” is  one of the  word you can  perfectly use to describe this man. People who loves him truly and people who hates him genuinely both remember, retrieve, rethink about him every now and then ( oh yes in different manner). I afraid the slogan

“Love me or hate me but you can’t ignore me”

is most suitable for Mr. Modi. He fits into that criteria. No I am not giving you any glimpse of what is GST. How it is right or wrong and what you have to do now onwards about paying your taxes. Nor I am singing an ode in his support but somehow I cannot restrain myself from expressing my views in the line of my subject and in the light of my observations. After spending years in understanding the traits and techniques of mind power I always astound to see this man not for his any mind blowing strategies or ruthless agenda for demolishing the oppositions but his unbreakable attitude, unsubduable will power and the indomitable spirit to stand against the all odds. Utmost hatred, uttermost opposition from his own party as well as from all other political parties or the rising   controversies  did not stop him uptill now. As a human everyone has a tendency to loose his control every now and then but in spite of facing extremely tensed situations not giving any chance to understand his move and not losing his temper requires something special, something extraordinary traits of mind and Modiji certainly possess it.

            Have you ever thought that as a human being you easily lose your temper every now and then. Your emotions rags you to the extreme level be it your anger, your sadness or your depression you explode it like a fire and then instead of you controlling the situations they starts to control you. Things begin to change at your social, professional and personal life and you feel helpless about it. Now look at the life of Narendra Modi or for that matter any leader who is leading at the top whether in a country or in a world. There is no comparison on tangible physical levels. These leaders and we possess the same human body or organs nothing extraordinary about it. Most of them do come from extremely poor and adverse background than us and now shining with the glory of their past struggle. Yes again reminding you the life of Narendra Modi or Yogi Adityanath or Barack Obama. They did not born with the silver spoon in the mouth but achieved their success through the most unfortunate chain of events. So where the difference lies between us and them? Certainly in the mind! The thoughts we think and the thoughts they have has the biggest difference that draw the line between where they are today and where we are leading. It is the mentality who never accepts the defeat, It is the thought process which is continuously growing and developing the  mental system to achieve the goals against the maximum odds. It is the will power who never quit in spite of slapped by destiny for thousand times. So its certainly all about the  mind set & mind game.

            When you grown up and become socially , professionally responsible; the struggle starts between your values, ethics and system you live in. No you can’t leave the system nor you can victimise your life. Life demands many sacrifices from you and you just prioritize what you will sacrifice. Days pass by and the game of life become ruthlessly stronger to take over you. If still you don’t find answer why life is so merciless towards you then you need to take a break, forget everything, seat in silence and ask in your mind “How can I control myself.”  There is nothing you can do about people, about circumstances, about fatal situations, accidents or anything by being physically present or active. If you want to become a game changer you need to be mentally active because self-confidence, self-esteem, self-respect, self- maintained image comes from the stronger and positive mind set.

                        So what different Shree. Narendra Modi is doing? When he knew that visual effects are the stronger one how he produced   a strong masculine image of himself as a “VIKAS PURUSH” (Man of Development) at the time of 2014 election  hiring the top most PR company  & spending cost approximately ₹50 billion (US$780 million) in his campaign? Result is visible when the image he produced through audio, video and visual media was vigorously imprinted in the minds of people and people voted BJP as a face of Narendra Modi govt. Mind blowing! Isn’t it?   Whenever the opposition or media tries to instigate him going beyond the limits he just revert with simply peaceful manner. When opposition says most of his development strategies are formed in earlier government and he is just implementing it what he says? He gives full credit to opposition with nail of contention that how his government is alone capable in implementing it in better manner. He never become angry nor he keep calm he just “RESPOND” according to situation without loosing his temper. What happened when from the famous “Red Palace” of Delhi he backed the Baluchistan people and exposed the Pakistan who used to shade a crocodile cry in the UNESCO about Kashmir issue? You accept it or not but this move made significant mark of India on international level.   What happened at the time of GST? when the congress government was in power he opposed it. When his government came in power he implemented it.  While in this utmost tensed game he patiently waited his move to become the reason for one more feather in the crown of his government and without giving a single bit of credit to the opposition he again took over the game.

                 I am not watching it from the spectacles of politics. There is nothing white , black or saffron when it comes to mind game. I am just making the observations.

My own experience tells that you don’t need to love or hate anyone or anything but if you want to grow then you need to observe everyone & everything mindfully.

When people become ruthless and situations become unkind its needless to react by shading your tears or showing your acute disappointment. Training your mind for controlling your ego, controlling your emotions is an art. After accepting particular theories, agenda or propaganda we see the world from other people’s point of view. It’s actually the contamination process. Once you call yourself progressive or regressive your thoughts, mentality, psychology, life process limits itself within the pre-defined meanings of these ideologies. Unnecessary time wasting debates on social media, hatred, anger, enmity are the prominent examples of these limited mind scope. Have you ever seen Mr. Narayan Murthi, Ambani, Rattan Tata, Nandan Nilkeni, Mark Zukerburg debating and quarrelling over the trifle matter on social platform. Probably no because their minds are full with the ideas and visions for the betterment of themselves and their people. Mind game techniques are nothing but instead of reacting learn to respond the situations. In spite of searching the answers in the outer world go deep down in the core of your heart and find the meanings you looking for, Develop and skill your mind traits for not losing the strength in most difficult times of life.  I do urge you all for minding your mind . Because

The world within is the world without so if you want to command the circumstances, incidents and people then command your mind first!

-Simply Anjali


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