Learn creative visualisaion step by step

Learn creative visualisaion step by step

Making your imagination your reality

So we are talking about “Imagination”. The word is fishy and lifting one eyebrow in “The Rock” (remember Dwayne Douglas Johnson “The Rock” ?! ) style many of you shall ask what’s hype in there about it? Well, will try to explain you.

            For me the word “Imagination” holds the special precious meaning and that too from childhood. May be being only child to my parents it was at my advantage or disadvantage but I spent most of my life in imagining things while reading books in my special room. As there was less contact with outer world and outer rational system my mind was clearer, transparent and receptive to any idea. This is not me in fact as a child we all were   once upon a time used be   most dynamic, positive & transcendental visionaries. We were simply the perfect image of supreme soul dusting ourselves all over in soil yet discreetly spotless. & on one fine day you started to go at school and you were mould to learn, listen, grasp and make believe the exact amount of information you received there. You forgot your yacht kingdom back in the rains in fact you started making distance from rain.  You kicked out all those fairies and their dreamlands. You forced to forget your empires, your dreams, your adventures and at the biggest loss  your imagination power too.  Isn’t it true that when we all were little one our every imagination was real for us. Everything was possible for us. We were not at all afraid of anything to try and we were not tutored but   liberal thinkers. It just in a while when we became educated, learned and informative with qualified degrees of renowned institutes we buried the most precious qualities of being a special human. I don’t think we earn qualities by the degree of our traditional education or certification systems. Qualities are inherent. They comes in blood.

            Why on earth someone forget that he has all power in himself and he can achieve whatever he want. (I am applying this in a positive sense. )  & while in the process of self realisation how it is forgotten that imagination is the simplest yet powerful tool for realising the dreams.

What is imagination?

To put in simple words imagination is human ability to create a mental picture of any thing.  Everyone can imagine everything which he/ she learnt in the life or which is perceived through five senses. If right now I ask you to imagine a river you will immediately perceived an image of river which you either saw in reality or in picture.  In either case existence of river is not denied but you imagined it when you are not watching any picture of river or you are not at the riverbank. You just imagined as it is.

How imagination is important in turning dreams into reality?

It is the truth that visual effect is the more powerful effect on our senses. We always remember the thing which we saw than the things which we heard.In mind power training imagination is the vital tool. Almost every mind master used it and he told its utility to the world how imagination build the whole world inside the mind. You may know the concept of “Creative visualisation” often used in mind power techniques. Where you need to feel that the thing you want or the state you desire is already yours. If your current reality is 90 kg but you want to be 55 kg. You imagined yourself you became 55kg already. Your body stature is perfect. That feeling is accomplishment which is yet to be achieved is called as visualisation.

Technique endorsed by world class celebrities

In among the other techniques creative visualisation seems to be favourite one and many celebrities around the corner used it or endorsed it publically by sharing their real time experiences. Jim carry shared his though in Oprah Winfrey show as how he imagined 10 million dollar check. My favourite body builder Kai Green always have something to talk about the connection of mind and body and visualisation technique to achieve the figure what he has today!  Oprah Winfrey herself many times openly endorsed to use the creative visualisation for making your dreams into reality.

Process of creative visualisation step by step

  1. Determine your goals. That’s the first step which will give you clarity about what you exactly want to do in your life. Being aimless create kind of lazyish attitude and it leads nowhere.
  2. Be calm and patient and listen to your inner voice. Just clean out the surface of doubt and deep into the mind to find out the answer.
  3. Leave all your fear behind. Don’t be ashamed of to visualise bigger and better. Don’t feel that your current situation is not suitable to fulfil your dream. Be confident and clearer about what you want and believe it from the bottom of your heart.
  4. Seat in calm and peaceful place where no one can disturb you. Shut down your eyes and meditate on your goals.
  5. Create a mental image or picture of a thing or situation you want to achieve.
  6. Make that picture vivid, clear and big.
  7. Engulf that picture with your physical sensations, powerful emotions and feel that you already achieved that state.
  8. Practice it more often. It may last for 2 minutes or half an hour but consistency will be the key.
  9. Don’t just seat in home. Awake and work hard to fulfil your goals, Take actions. It may be a simplest step which you accomplished in a day but gradually will become stepping stone towards your success. Whether it is your everyday exercise, your writing, keeping your food clean, walking or doing step ups. Do all those things which you think is necessary to accomplish your dream. Doing the things and taking the action is powerful signal we give to the universe that we are ready to receive our dreams.

The process gradually will boost your confidence. It will change your attitude. The things which you once thought impossible you will start thinking about the ways and resources to make it possible. Living in a state of accomplishment will help you to  find solutions, you will meet up like- minded people who will back up your ideas, You will feel yourself much more worthy.

Break your barriers , dream bigger and better

         Creative visualisation will not bring any result 100% instantly. In that sense it’s not instant magic. It’s not even a magic it’s a law of nature. The law which says what you think, what you visualise constantly, you will become that one day. A tiny seed has potential to grow in the tallest, longest and biggest tree but it will not grow overnight. Years will be gone and seed will develop hour by hour day by day and finally will transform into the tree. So your visualisation and belief you hold into your mind.

 Happy visualisation to all!

-Simply Anjali

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  1. A wonderful article…….showcasing the canvas to boost up the potential we all have to transform our lives and attain new heights using simple visualisation techniques!
    Keep it up dear Anjali…Well done!

    • Thank you so much Sarika madam ❤❤ My heartfelt gratitude and I am much greatful to you for reading and responding my website. Felt blessed to have your blessings 💐💐 . Thanks a lot once again

  2. Hi Anjali .This is great technique and helpful for me. thanx

    • Hi sonali. Thanks a lot dear for reading and responding my blog.

  3. Article is Motivationally charged.
    Perfect guide for the lazy person like me.😉
    Need periodic booster of articles like this.
    I hope u ll continue to write on this topic in future.

    • Thanks a lot dear.Yes I am writing further . Stay tuned to my blog. Loads of love !!

  4. Hi Anjali, Thanks For Simple And Short Technique . I will Used it For Pistol And Rifle Shooting.

    • Thank you so much Nilesh

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