How to turn back premature grey hairs into black

How to turn back premature grey hairs into black

Not sure, but nowadays it seems that in early 20 most of the people suffer by the problem of grey hairs. Many youngsters who has great appearance, look and body but their pleasant image get distracted when attention goes to their hairs which are filled with gray. No other option left most of the people choose to dye their hairs Nothing is more disastrous and most heartbroken thing is to see that grey foeman hiding behind your black hairs. You are still young, vibrant and fit but suddenly you notice change in the texture of hairs. Your thick black hairs start to fall down, it become fringy, dray and greying immaturely. The days have gone when the earlier generations have to suffer this problem in their late forties. Now the days have come where a teen age girl in her early twenty is too tedious to search solution for her early ageing hairs. Many people are keen to search solution which could turn their grey white hairs into black again.

Until 2014- 15 I was one of them. In early age I was suffering problems regarding my hairs where there was massive hair fall, rough dray hairs and drama of grey hairs appearing every now and then in between hair waves. I frowned with the thought that what exactly going wrong in my life and why in my early twenties I am suffering the problems of grey hairs. My own dismay motivated me to search the root cause of premature grey hairs and solutions for it. Today my hairs are ample in quality. They are long , thick and no more drama of greying those black shiny hairs. I learned many things in between and found some interesting things which many of us do not know.

The primary question lies that why our generation is suffering the problem of hair fall and grey hairs and what are the reliable solutions for the is the great news, if the hair turned grey in earlier age then we can turn them black naturally subject to condition there is no history of genetic problems of grey hairs in your house, there is no any disease, the amount of melanin in the skin is healthy. In the year 2014, when I had this problem, without purchasing mehandi and dye, I spent money on my net pack and got wholesome research on net about how to overcome it and go to various websites. So my dear friends HAIRS BECOME GREY IN EARLY AGE BEACAUSE OF-

Due to heavy shampoo, due to vigorous pulling and drying your hairs with towel, applying conditioner to your hairs, applying dray shampoo without mixing it in water, continuous consumption of sugar, maida flour and fried foods, late night life and smoking.

If you are not doing anything above the list then there is one vital reason why your hairs are prematurely greying and it’s because of the scarcity of  copper supplement  in the body.

Till the last generation nobody was eating processed food, nobody was eating cascade of sugar that too processed sugar in their meals, nobody was eating the products which has corn syrup as base ingredient, nobody was obsessed with technology where they have to awake late nights chatting on facebook and whats app, nobody was eating products which contains excess gluten, nobody have known the concept of shampoo, conditioner and “livon silky poshan” in fact they were happy to use traditional shikekai for their hairs. Past generations had had easy access to sunshine whole day and their habits of walking and cycling kept their physical health at par without any extra efforts. The real trouble lies in the lifestyle which we modified from past few years.  When your body show any external symptoms of not being well it is nothing but accumulated pain, irregularities, dysfunctions created by us.

Pre-maturing grey hairs is one of the growing concern for our generations but still we are not leaving to use tones of shampoo and conditioners loaded with chemicals. Here is the list of solutions tried and tested by me to reverse back the grey hair conditions.


Using shampoo and conditioners every alternate day in a week was ruining the natural state of my hairs. Many chemicals in these products do not suit our hairs but we do purchase them under the psychological pressure of celebrity endorsement and advertising. The end result is nothing but the disaster. First change was abandoning those products and replace them with traditional hair cleansers including Shikekai.


Just while doing a research I found interesting info about role of copper supplement to keep our hairs naturally black and healthy.  Now you must realize how small mineral like copper has the big role in nourishing your body. If you do not get ample copper from the food you eat then the hair started showing signs of early aging. So the question is does we get sufficient amount of copper with our daily food intake? The answer is No!Copper is abundant in sea canals, shrimps, crabs and beef. Vegetarian people has limited options like  dark chocolate, green peas, almonds, cashews, black raisins and blackstrap molasses. Among them all blackstrap molasses can bring the “black” back in your life but again it is difficult to get organic blackstrap molasses. Healthy products like blackstrap molasses are hard to get but the white sugar is abundant everywhere which is useless for health.The daily dose of blackstrap molasses in your diet can stop the process of early grey hairs and helps them to turn white hairs black.

Premature grey hairs can be a signal that your body is deficient on copper. Copper is the main substance which helps to produce melanin. Melanin is the most essential substance which retain the original color of your skin and hairs. If your hairs are turning grey without any reason it would be suggested to get your copper and zink test done by your doctor. If it is found that you have copper deficiency in your body you can take a supplements containing copper. Copper supplements have great success rate for turning premature grey hairs into black again. Please keep in mind that if you are in your late 50 it would be difficult to see if copper supplement works on your hairs.


This is one of the best natural remedy for your hair problems. Tried and tested by myself without having any side effects. It is an excellent source of copper, zink and magnesium. Molasses is a byproduct of sugarcane. It’s thick, dark and unprocessed form of sugar. It is the unique liquid containing multi vitamins which we usually do not find in processed sugar. Consumption of blackstrap molasses can give many benefits in long run.  However the process is slow and to see the results you need to consume it for 3 – 6 months. Still there is no guarantee for some people if they could succeed to reverse their grey hairs black with the help of molasses. If your diabetes patient or having any sugar problems then the consumption should be limited and under the guidance of your doctor.  If your question is did this product work for me? I would say yes. I used and found it excellent source of copper, zink, magnesium and other anti – oxidants. This definitely helped me in my process of getting my natural long, dark brown & shiny hairs back.


Excess use of shampoo, chemical process for coloring your hairs is the real reason behind premature grey hairs. Sooner we understand this faster we will recover our hairs. Many companies use many harmful ingredients in their products but their false propaganda and marketing tactics win our hearts every time when we watch it. The domestic and international market for these shampoo, conditioners and other hair products is huge and everyday latest product take it’s entry in your life to ruin your money and hairs.


Taking care of your protein intake is the crucial point to keep your hair and skin healthy. We all will get wrinkles or white hairs at some point of a time but nobody wants it prematurely. Our food is playing important role to keep our body healthy and fit. Protein is important for repairing and constructing the tissues. It is the best nutrient to eat for healthy skin, bones, hairs, nails and muscles. If your body do not get adequate protein your skin will look saggy and hairs will loosing it’s shine, color and quantity. Most of the people who are on protein deficiency face the problems with hair damage and premature grey hairs. Therefore eating adequate protein is the key to avoid your hair damage.


According to Ayurveda the root cause of the premature grey hair is pitta imbalance in body.  This is caused by the increased intake of tea , coffee, sour, spicy, fried food in daily life. If we continue to eat in the same manner this will cause many disadvantages including thinning and premature grey hairs. To eradicate this problem one need to stop eating refined and processed food. Besides eating clean and healthy food Panchakarma therapy consisting of nasya, shirodhara, virechana etc.  In my knowledge these therapies ara available at Ashwini-Anant clinic. If you want to visit this center go to their official website here.

In a nutshell

  • Take vitamin supplementation under the guidance of your family doctor.
  • Massage your hair with egg white and cold press coconut oil.
  • Include black organic jaggary, organic blackstrap molasses and copper supplement in your diet.
  • Do not stay awake late night
  • Be careful while styling or coloring your hairs as it can permanently damage your hairs.
  • Do not rub your hairs aggressively after bath. It is the main cause of hair fall and thinning hairs.
  • Do not iron your hairs in the name of straightening. Excess ironing cause permanent greying of hairs in the course of time.

Bouncy, lustrous hairs add the real beauty to your face. Take care of your hairs. If we change our food habits change and increase the amount of copper in the diet  this defect can be overcome. Good luck!

Simply Anjali

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  1. Hi anjali,
    Which brand of blackstrap molasses you used and how long did you see the result??

    • Hi Deeksha. I have used Melrose blackstrap molasses. you can get this online but its too costly. You can find local brand online nearest your place. My place is near from Pune so for me it was easy to get from local supplier. You need to check it online or with local farmers.

  2. Hi Anjali

    find ur posts really helpful.

    Shweta Krishna

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