How to keep your teeth white and clean

How to keep your teeth white and clean

Childhood is often full with queer memories. The then life was quite simple before marketing took over the truthful simplicity of villages. Living in the city jungle full of cement; blurred memories of childhood still  reminds me how simplest things got complicated over the period of time in the name of civilization.

For example I had seen my father to clean his teeth by chewing the straw of neem tree but He was not an exception. It was a routine clean up of many villagers in my village that time. Tooth powder made up from natural ingredients containing ash, neem, tulasi leaves and many more was an instrument to keep the health of our teeth at par. My father at the age of 70 still have the firm and clean teeth. In all these years I never saw him opting for a medical treatment for the gum and teeth related diseases. I left my village and shifted in the city long ago. All the threads associated with the clay and mud land have been cut down in the span of time. I changed for good after leaving all those  so called agrestic things.

Market driven civilization was the next future so I opted for that lifestyle. Trust me marketing has changed our world for best and for worst also. Take the example of food oil. Many cold press oil making centers had shut down due to the aggressive propaganda of refined oil industry. We had been bombarded by the en number of advertise in past telling us the disadvantages of eating cold press oil due to its high fat properties and link allegedly associated with bad cholesterol. We started consuming double triple filtered oil to take care of our health. Just now a days researches are in circulation again showing the nexus of heart, coronary diseases and consumption of filtered food oil. Now everybody wants wooden press oil but unfortunately we are searching it above the tombs of wooden press whom we buried long ago under the name of market driven civilization.

Have we ever thought about the biggest of the big and smallest of the small thing in our house is the result of marketing? Long back Colgate captured our market place declaring Indians stupid who used to clean their teeth with salt. Colgate monopolised the market after kicking out all the local brands of tooth powder we used before its inception and now after 40 years of monopoly this company has come with the most innovative and mind boggling idea with the tag line “Kya apake toothpaste main namak hai?” (Do your toothpaste contain salt?). What an irony!

If we think from the market point of view oral care market of India is reached upto 5000 crore. The market is raising at the rate of 22% each year. There are more than 300 brands of toothpaste, mothfreshner, mint gums. Toothpaste market alone hiked 3700 crores in last 5 years. Colgate still has a monopoly over the market acquiring 56% share from the rest of oral care products.

But this grand success has earned by the effective use of visual marketing technology, that is my personal opinion. Many MNC’s have an exact formula to sell their products. They are always trying to keep their product before the eyes of people through infinite mediums. Be it a mouth publicity, visual marketing or audiovisual marketing. Famous celebrities, Cricketers signed to become the known faces for these products and we merely buy these products not on the basis of its standard or quality but we are mesmerized and convinced that product is ultimately good as it is shown in the advertisement. Before we might think about the quality of product our subconscious mind is already confident about bringing that product thanks to the symbolic message technique called subliminal messages which bestrew all over in the places. If we ask a simple question that does this huge expenditure on marketing and distribution of these products qualify them as a quality product? answer is not at all.

Many people buy toothpaste depending upon the effect of advertisements these toothpaste companies show us on daily basis. Still people have enormous problems related to teeth. Whole and sole claims of clean, fresh, extreme white teeth are still in the air and we end up watching same yelloish, sensitive teeth wondering although using one of the best brand in the market why we cannot see the magic? Still we need to see a doctor for toothpain, still we have to take the rout of expensive teeth cleaning/ whitening treatments for tooth decay.

I was wondering how to clean my teeth as no toothpaste had any effective result in the past on the subject of teeth whitening. Use of toothbrush has  banned last year by my family doctor as the excess use was causing cavity in between my teeth. Suddenly one day the reminiscence of lost childhood memory gave clear answer to my question about how to keep teeth clean and white. My Grandma used to mix cold press coconut oil and turmeric powder to clean my teeth when I was too young. “Turmeric and coconut oil paste keeps your mouth clean and white”, she used to say while cleaning my mouth with her tender hands. I decided to try her method. Last from 15 days using cold press coconut oil and turmeric past on my teeth and its results are amazing. Paste is working well on decay, decreasing yellowish appearance, reducing sensitivity. The recipe is simple. Mix half table spoon turmeric powder in the one table spoon of cold press coconut oil.  First apply the paste on teeth and rub it, leave it for 15 minutes and then you can clean your teeth with regular tooth powder or toothpaste. Results are surely astounding but you need to keep few things in mind.

  • This is the home remedy without any side effect but the effects are quite slow.
  • You need to be consistent.
  • Coconut Oil must be made by cold press process.
  • Bring turmeric rootstalks from market, grind well in mixer. This will become your clean adulteration-free turmeric powder.
  • Please keep in mind parachute is a brand not a cold press oil!

Many sites on the internet insist to mix baking soda in above mixture though I am skeptical about it. I once tried baking soda paste on the face after reading foul claims about its usefulness in removing tan and giving you clear healthy skin but that experiment turned disastrous one. I had to spend 15 days straight to wipe out bad effect from my face. I would not suggest you to mix baking soda to clean your teeth. If you want it you can do it on your own risk.I am happy I can enjoy the touch of my Grandma once again through this simple remedy and I believe my smile is much more brighter now a days. Do try it and let me know your feedback. Keep smiling folks.

-Simply Anjali

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    • Welcome Rakhi.!

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