How to get rid of unwanted face fat

How to get rid of unwanted face fat

I admit it was a long gap due to my professional commitments. I am thankful to all lovely souls who reminded me that I need to continue writing because they want to read it. Didn’t expect that much love and affection for my write ups. Thank you all for your response. Here again with something interesting for all of you. As title suggest I am here to tell about my experience on losing face fat. If you see my  image posted below;  just a week before clicked the after picture and compared with the old one. Whoa! I noticed how beautiful journey I have come across so far! Never imagined and never realised somehow letting go of worry and walking your path with utmost joy and happiness brings unexpected results.

Though sometimes myself become so much anxious about not getting things done on right time. Again what is the definition of right time? Time may never be right or never be wrong. Its ever changing and fixed. Things which are not in your hand you may expect it to be done at right time according to your time zone but it is not possible that your prediction will be right.  Loosing fat and getting in shape is big task, requires patience and need lot of time. Quick fix solutions work out temporary and you just beat around the bush for longer time to fix the damage done by these quirky solutions.

Face fat is kind of a barrier all overweight or obese people face. It’s rather prestige issue for some ladies. I don’t know why they forgot to look at the celebrity status of big square angles of Angelina Joly, Ashley Graham, Kareena Kapoor, Anushka Shetty and list will go on. Crux of the matter is it is not at all a shame or disgust to have a big square face or bulky round face. I saw many beautiful souls even hate to see themselves in the mirror. Why angels? Every creation on this earth carry a meaning in itself. As a human we are the greatest creation of nature as we hold infinite potential and talent to develop ourselves. Looking in mirror and sighing everyday about your imaginary ugliness will lead nowhere.  Though I am telling you this I did go through those difficulties and since I used to hate myself to see in the mirror. The situation changed on the day when I decided to see the inherent beauty within me. I urge you all to do the same. Discover yourself in a positive way because that can only help you to break the barrios and to go further

Coming back to our topic for the discussion face fat or bulky face is worst nightmare for people.  Some people are lucky while being fat does not affect their face. Their face remain small, cheeks remain flat and overall face composition looks symmetrical. Others are just like me. Whose body is depositing more & more fat causing swelled & bulky face. Visibly sharp jaw lines were like blue moon dream for me! More than just a fat there are variety of reasons why you saturate fat on your face. Many times you ignore the signs and continue to chase all wrong. For e.g.

Your salt intake is way too high

That’s a common cause. We love salty foods. A pinch of salt is always preferable when it is genuinely needed but friendship with salt doesn’t really care about what’s right or wrong in food.  For me it is wonder that People find salty food tasty. Excess intake of salt may lead to any number of health problems but most common is water retention in body. That is why your body looks bulky and face may get swollen.

You cannot control your cravings on junk, processed food

That was my obsession too. I remember my early childhood days when my mum was completely against an idea to go at the hotel and eat. She used to explain me the cons, she used to angry, used to shout on my consistent naggings about going for lunch , dinner outside. Though she rarely joined me and my father (we were both devoured member of our family)  without caring for the company of my mother we used to go for eat out. I remember going in hotels was like an addiction. Homemade food has no value in my eyes before these spicy, sumptuous, extravagant food items. Little did I know that time the value of body over the lust of my tongue I just let myself drawn away. Today I do not have any love or addiction to eat outside. Life is still beautiful without “MSG additives.”  You may not realise that food additives works like drugs. More you eat, More you become addicted to it’s properties. For women it comes with an additional tag of PCOS trigger. More you tend to eat outside worse your period cycle to be affected.

Leave the fairy land concept of spot-fat-reduction

Seriously! I want loose only my belly, I want loose only my cheek fat, I want loose only my thighs. I listen everyday how girl react and badly want to remove fat from particular body part. I told, wrote many times explaining there is no thing called spot-fat-reduction exist. You always see advertisements where they claims to make you slim by spot reduction. Nobody from our side try to clarify do these adds have any logical, scientific base? Fat and muscles are two independent things in our body.  Ten kilometres of running every day definitely help you to lose your fat but it has other cons too. Your skin will become saggy and those lose skin bags shall  hanging from back or arms. You will lose fat but you will not have that muscle mass which would tone up your body. Hundreds of seat ups may tighten your belly but it will not reduce layer of fat from stomach.

To get rid of your face fat , loose fat in a whole

That’s the only real truth tasted so far. You need to loose fat in a whole and your face fat, back fat or belly fat will disappear automatically.  That’s what I am doing now a days. There is simple formula to be followed with consistency.

  • Create a caloric deficit.
  • Avoid excess salt intake.
  • Avoid sugary food/ bakery products completely.
  • Start strength training 4 to 5 days in a week. Just do not worry about your cardio.
  • Your food must have protein and nutrient rich properties.
  • Do not chase the taste give your attention to healthy properties of food.
  • You need to sleep early in night and develop habit to wake up early in the day.
  • Drink adequate water to hydrate yourself

Caloric deficit is most essential requirement for any fat loss program. Caloric deficit does not mean eat less or starve yourself. You just need to change priorities of your food. Eat as per your satisfaction but the food must be home made, cooked in cold press oil with homemade condiments. You need to burn excess calorie by exercise to create calorie deficit. If your daily calorie intake is determined as 2000 calorie per day and your weight loss goal requires to eat 1500 calorie per day then  you need to create deficit of 500 calories.  You can  re structure your food habits within the ambit of your weight loss goal and exercise more to burn  excess 500 calories. (This is just for your example. Goal may vary from person to person.)

  The advantage of strength training or weight training over cardio is that it will burn your body fat and enhance your muscle mass. You may not get any result on weight scale but that’s tricky. Weight tends to change every day, every minute. What if you do not lose weight but your face become more defined,  body toned up, fat bags from back, arms, chin disappeared, Your thighs become fit than before and your body size shrunk. Though these changes have nothing to do with weight. Your weight may be higher than your ideal goal but if body is constantly changing it’s composition from fat, flabby to fit & toned then you are going in a right direction.

You will realise change when you cut down processed, salty food from your plate. Many people who have inflammation problems never realise basic principle that whatever body reacts it is due to food they eat. Cut down all the inflammatory processed food and result is visible.

From last five months I was doing cardio at morning and weight training at evening. Recently I changed regime again. Reason behind it your body must be remained in the phase of new challenges. Workout too become stagnant sometimes. Change is necessary. I must admit I got lot of benefits of morning cardio in a fasted state. Weight training kept me in a pace with my fit body goals. Human body has much more potential to be tasted unfortunately we narrow down ourselves in a comfort zone from where it is difficult to realise any dream. Real methods of fat loss are cheapest and scientific. Only requirement is giving your time and consistent follow up. Nothing is more beautiful than your own journey you have completed despite of many challenges. Stay fit. Stay blessed

-Simply Anjali

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