How I lost my weight on PCOS

How I lost my weight on PCOS

Being a PCOS victim from the first date of my first period maintaining my weight and keeping it at normal level was a blue moon thing. The common phenomenon attached to it is that you will always remain overweight or obese for the rest of your life if you are facing poly cystic ovary syndrome. Yeah I faced it over the years and then decided to revolt again the medical diagnosis and foretelling. Basically

  1. I wanted to become PCOS free
  2. I wanted to lose my weight and become slim

7 years gone when I decided myself in 2011 that I wanted to cut down my weight and want to become like any other normal thin girl around my vicinity. It’s almost end of 2018 and I somewhat succeed in my goal but It wasn’t that normal and I had to think and rethink about the sources which can lead me to the ultimate weight loss. Few things helped me in this journey. First and foremost thing in that list was

The Secret

I learn about the secret documentary back in 2010. That was the blooming period of this world famous documentary and book complied by author “Rhonda Byrne” Like the others I was compelled to think about the power of mind and role of determination to make the things happen which was by that time impossible for me to achieve. More I thought more I concentrated. More I focused more I became confident. More or less this movie gave me a life time motive to follow my dreams without thinking much about the prevailing truths. I still remember that time when I religiously followed the gratitude practices, creative visualization tools and techniques, writing my dream over and over in the notebook, keeping gratitude journal with me all the time and pursuing my dreams. I still do that. Building my inner power in turn to let it work for my body was the toughest task. I was diagnosed with PCOS where reports were showing my both ovaries are bulky with multiple follicles. Doctor suggested me to have birth control pills and ovarian drilling to get rid of syndrome. I did not think PCOD is cancer like problem where it is mandatory to seek surgery or long term birth control pills treatment. I have denied the both and tried to search another options. In that difficult phase where I was mentally , physically, emotionally traumatized “Secret” helped me to regain my will power.  For that matter I should eternally be thankful to the makers and all the mind masters participated to make this movie and book. Later on I found holistic medical approach called Homeopathy and Ayurveda and cured my PCOS well with their soothing therapies but somehow I would say meditation and positive thinking helped me to find the different approach to fight with this combat which would have been nearly impossible in any other condition. After Secret I read lot of books over the same subject matter. There was “The science of getting rich”, “The master key system”, “Think and grow rich”, “Power of subconscious mind” and many more. Each of this book driven off my negative mindset and constructed something new within. They constructed infinite optimism to chase my dreams. Whether it is a dream about body, home, family, career a strongest mindset is vitally important to achieve anything you desire in your life. In that sense I could definitely admit the contribution of “Secret” in my life.

Weight training and gym for weight loss

There are some prevalent misconceptions I always heard about the gym and weight training. “Don’t go to gym you will look bulky”, “If you do gym and leave you will gain more weight”, “weight training makes you to look manly”. Come on. You can see my before and after pictures. From any angle do I look manly with heavy mustache and bulky testosterone- ic muscles? I look slim, I look beautiful, I look fit, I look chiseled. See this weight training has done to me. It has sculpted my body and made me to look like a sculpture.  I am doing weight training last from 5 years and still I have my ups and down where I left gym for months but did not gain back weight except those extra pounds which easily shed off with little exercise and diet. The reason behind it I kept my diet intact inside and outside the gym! I tracked my calorie intake and still tracking it everyday. Building muscles and losing fat was the key factor to defeat my PCOS. As I was PCOS victim my insulin resistance was on full swing and there was no use to starve my body by doing useless lowest calorie diet to starved fasting. It had the reverse effect on my body and weight was intact on 73 kg. Doing weight training, gaining muscles, keeping diet intact and lowering down my insulin response were the steps I followed to lose weight.

Diet for PCOS

PCOS requires some dietary changes. Maida, processed dairy products, processed milk, white sugar, Chinese sauces, wheat, food high on sodium, aerated drinks, soda are generally banned. I followed these restrictions. There was no sense to eat outside and fill your body with garbage for the sake of your tongue. It was essential to lower down the fake cravings body had for sugary products. Therefore I included lean protein sources primarily in my diet. I have been eating egg whites, sprouts, legumes, nuts, jowar, ragi, amaranth, soyabean, fresh chicken, fish, green leafy vegetables, essential multi vitamins in diet and could see the results.

Keeping off binge eating

Over the period PCOS could gift you the lifelong habit of binge eating. It is a vicious circle where you tend to overeat and gain weight. Again when your weight scale deny to come down you binge out of your depression! This is the main culprit where you cannot understand in spite of working out and following diet why you are not losing weight? Recognizing your eating pattern is great help to achieve your aim in short time. Call it depression, call it childhood abuse, call it lack of love or stability in your life you always find your comfort in food and that becomes your habit. I have gone through the same cycle and learned the art of tracking calories and realizing what my real appetite is.

I am now 60 kg and my targeted weight is 55kg. I am not starving myself anymore and comfortable in my skin. My preferences for now are more of toning my body and keeping fat away. Sufficient water intake, good supplementation, weight training and proper diet made this journey possible. I am also doing regular sonography to keep track of my health and hormonal well-being. All in all I can say that PCOS is not a rocket science where you can sit in depression and think you can never lose those extra piles of fat.  If I can do it then it is possible for everyone. If you are still waiting to start your journey this is the right time where you can take your first step. If you have any queries you can mail me at . All the best!

-Simply Anjali

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