How to become PCOS free:From the diary of PCOS survivor Part- 1

How to become PCOS free:From the diary of PCOS survivor Part- 1

Just saw an old photograph of my school on social networking sight posted by one of  friend. While everyone was singing the same song over the photograph that how much they miss their school days I went back into those memories. Indeed childhood is divine and school days are bliss. As an obese child; for me the version of story was slightly different. I did not enjoy my childhood but today my life is much more better and happy. The reason is that I am completely healthy and normal. No more irregular periods, No more swellings on body, No more ugly acne cysts on face, No more mental torture , No more filthy comments about me, No more heaviest menstrual bleedings and pains. My life started just 1-2 years back when my all sonography reports constantly came up normal and nil! Finally PCOS free.  Finally able to loose weight. Finally physically, mentally, emotionally strong and stable. So now it doesn’t matter which phase of life this is; I enjoy each and every moment. Moral of the story unless and until you are gifted with healthy body you will not relish anything in life. Oh that exactly means no matter how much extravagant life you have all is in vain without an ability to revel it.

            Even today when every time I encounter a bunch of school going girls at roads chirping happily, with delighted faces, beaming with enthusiasm, loaded dreams in their scintillating eyes;   they always gives me reason to smile but then I do notice a girl walking little away from her classmates, sweating heavily, walking slowly with her heavy body, little bit happy, little bit sad ( she probably even don’t know what is called mood swings!) Just going away in her own indulgence. She reminds me my forgotten school days. School days which were sweaty, heavy and probably sad.

            It is easy to give your filthy comments to any teenage girl who is obese. Easy to call her fat, jumbo, khate-pite gharki, jadi and etc. etc. She is listening to your comments not giving you any reply but deep down inside her  burning heart is shading tears every night while sleeping; you couldn’t see it through her heavily  rapped blanket. She is starving herself at the acute level and trying to fulfil the society’s norm made exclusively for her. She is wondering every time despite her starvations, despite her low eating, despite her continuous exercise she is not shading a single pound. She is wondering why her all classmates are glowing and she has those ugly acne all over her face. She is amazed to see every girl at her vicinity is looking fresh and beautiful but her face is tanning and having excess hair growth. Be it her constant hair fall, be it her male pattern baldness, be it her irregular periods , be it her mood swings, be it her concentration problems or be it her continuous weight gain her sense of wonder never ends as to why this is happening to her? As the days goes on and she needs to face doctor for her every ongoing growing problem.  Doctor suggest her to take a uterine sonography and test shows up she is having PCOS. If you want to know what PCOS calls in medical term you can read it here

Simply put in PCOS due to elevated androgen hormone level natural process of egg development halts. Instead of the normal egg maturing process; the  cysts which are little sacs filled with liquid, develops and filled the ovaries. In result ovaries become enlarged. As the natural process of period interrupts it causes whole imbalance as stated above. I wish all those people who throws their opinions about overweight girls should undergo same situation; may be chances are higher they will mind their own business for a while.

            Many girls who are fighting with PCOS living traumatic lives.  Their problems are countless. Whole school and college life goes in body shaming. In every country the charm and figure of a girl is the sign of true beauty many girls encounters the issue of rejection in marriage proposals, If the marriage is happened by the grace of god again there are infertility problems and the list goes on.

                        I can relate with each and every problem as I have gone through it. I am happy that I got a chance to conquer it.  I got appropriate consultation and therapies but not every girl is that much fortunate. Ignorance is the biggest reason to increase these kind of problems. Its parents’ ignorance who keeps postponing the situation about their obese daughter. Its ignorance of yourself  about your health which makes you too weak to face the situations. It is also your trendy lifestyle which often throw you in unhealthy temptations to eat junk food.  Abundance of wheat and maida ,  abundance of cold-drinks , abundance of sugary deserts, candy, ice creams in diet. It may give you a single moment of repentance that you are unnecessary punishing your body but greed to satisfy taste buds  push you  further in abyss. Take any kind of medicines or treatments but if you are too rigid to change your life style these therapies are of no use. So the change in life style and adding up more exercise and healthy food is the key to conquer but how many of us really accept this?

Sometimes it is the rigidness of mind too to accept the situation that something is abnormal is happening in the body. So anything or everything which is happening and though the nature and your body constantly giving you signals you conveniently choose to ignore it. I do listen  the ongoing hue and cry over social network and in personal life too for e.g.  “It’s impossible to lose that much weight” , It’s impossible to achieve the goal of being healthy”, Its impossible as I am a girl and I cannot do weight training”, “I cannot do martial arts training, It’s tough and hard and not for me as I am a girl”, I cannot win over , I am too weak”, No PCOS is lifelong vicious circle and you can’t break it”….etc. etc….etc…. and some other stupidest dialogues along with social Gyan(knowledge) falling all over the places. Yes I feel to hear these opinions as the stupidest one because I trained my mind not to listen negative comments or if at all listened immediately refuse it.   My story of struggle with PCOS is no different. It didn’t take much time to be healthy but it did take a lot of endeavour to actually  believe and achieve what I desired. It did take lot of toil to change the negative mind set into positive one and walk on the different path when no one believes. I wanted to put forth my efforts because I know there are many wonderful and beautiful women exists  who do believe their ability to conquer the deadliest impediments in their path. Their strength, potential, power is no less notable. & they do have courage to listen to their own heart when everyone else disowned them. But sometimes it’s just you need an echo to hear from other side who is saying you can do it. A possibility, a proof, a pat on back telling that “yes, you have that ability and you can achieve it.” What are the miracles? Miracles are not at all any supernatural or inhuman thing. Its very human thing. It is the profound way of nature to explain you your  hidden potentials which can be seen through the most difficult and cruellest exams.

                 Miracle is not creating the gold chains or money from air. Miracle is an insight watching abundance of money in life while having no penny in hand and later on bringing into existence that same teemingness which you have imagined at the first instance. If you know how Mr. Narayan Murthi started Infosys in 10 by 10 room at model colony, pune by taking the help of money given by his learned wife Sudha Murthy you will know what it meant to create the miracle.  If you know Dheerubai Ambani the biggest business tycoon and respectable name in the business industry while serving on the petrol pumps in Dubai on monthly salary of Rs. 300/- returned India leaving his job behind and started “Reliance” with initial capital of Rs. 15,000/- The first office of “Reliance” was 250 sq.ft. room containing one table , telephone and three chairs. The journey continued to the grand, grander, grandest profitable business which itself became an independent economy to prosper on national and international level. From a company like “Infosys” which started  in 10 by 10 room to the huge empire spread over many countries. Isn’t it the miracle?  From a man selling Pakoda at villages, serving at petrol station to the biggest business tycoon and MD of “Reliance Industries” didn’t Mr. Dheerubai Ambani fits into the criteria of “Miracle man?”   Take the example of any entrepreneur how they started lives when no penny in hand, no house to live but a dream, desire and vision to build the imperium they believe and  you will get to know the vary meaning of miracle. What else you need to follow your dreams?  Or what else you need to break your mental cage? For this and other infinite reasons I would love to share my efforts with you all about breaking the taboo and restructuring life with positive vibrations I learned and received.


Stay tuned with the series of my articles as it is not possible to write whole article in one part. I will write another part to explain further. Stay healthy, Stay positive, Stay blessed.

-Simply Anjali


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How to become PCOS free :From the diary of PCOS Survivor Part- 2


  1. Hi Anjali!

    I had been on medication (alopethic ) for sic montjs but then I left due to sideeffects.

    I was diagnosed with PCOD/PCOS but my symptoms are quite different. I never skipped periods. But Gained fat around hip & belly.

    I don’t have excessive eating problem eitjer but my Doctor suggested to stop eating chicken & fried & junk food.

    I suspect what could be my problem? Your series seems interesting. I am sharing sll this because I think, msy be there is some girl out there who has same symptoms.

    • Hi. Thank you so much for taking time to read and respond. Basically PCOS now a days are like jungle on fire. Every 2 girls out of three got this problem. Causes are at variety. I got it because of hereditary. Thats why it was toughest to get rid of it. If it is not in genetics then the life style is the biggest contributor. From my own experience allopathy is worse as you will only treated by giving superficial hormone pills or injectable. I was put down on contraceptive pills when I was 16. those pills made my weight gain 15 kg more with accute imbalance. So big no no for allopathy from my side. If you are tend to eat outside food then I would suggest you to skip that and eat homemade food. Will update my diet also. Fried food that too eaten from outside is equally harmful. What you do is keep your sonography screening updating every alternate three months and possibly go for homoeopathy. It works very well though you will get results little late.

  2. Are u going to mention which treatment did u opt to cure PCOD… plz help us too.

    • Hi kirti. There is nothing to hide. I have taken homoeopathy and Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment but before opting for that gone from tremendous pressure. Tried almost everything. I then tried law of attraction and mental focus technique to find out solutions. After research and testimonials I went for homoeopathy and Ayurveda combine treatment & got the results. Weight trainning, whole food diet approach, meditation, law of attraction , visualiation techniques helped me a lot. Will write each and everything about it. Stay tuned to my blog. Motive is I should help other wonderful women to overcome their problem.

  3. Anjali, absolutely wonderful. Your experiences at childhood were really painful. But you fought the battle of life. Congratulations for writing this… It will inspire many girls who suffer from PCOD.

    • Thank you so much from bottom of heart sir. Your words are so encouraging and soothing. Feedback from respectable stature like you always gave me an energy to write more and more. Really thankful for taking time to stop by and read my article.

  4. Even i am facing pcod….going through hell…almost dropped sugar,fried items but nt able to reduce wt….i do walking also but ll in vain…seriously fed up

    • I would say don’t quit. It’s not a grave issue simple life style change and homoeopathy and ayurveda remedy works wonder. I will update all the parts in this series I wish I could help you more to uplift your spirit for fighting against PCOS. I became healthy again and You too gonna be well soon. Thank you so much for taking time to read my article. Stay blessed.

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