How to become PCOS free: From The Diary Of PCOS Survivor Part-3

How to become PCOS free: From The Diary Of PCOS Survivor Part-3

Hi. It’s my immense pleasure to meet you all here in this platform. Sharing your thoughts with the world and helping others to build their vision it costs nothing but pure happiness. I am thankful to each and every user/visitor of Simply Anjali. I would like to share the third part in this series as to what I did to survive through this chronic condition called PCOS.  In case if you miss the first part it’s here ,  If you want to read second part click here to read. Else  please continue further .


I would like to drag the attention of word “Health” So far heading is concern the core subject of this series should be focused on health. That’s what I tried to convey you all last from two articles written in series. My struggle and journey to achieve the health. Here I would like to point out that the word “health” do carry a significant meaning encompassing more than just a physical aspect. Health cannot be barely physical. Rather than physical it’s mental, it’s emotional, it’s intellectual, it’s spiritual. Without being mentally, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually healthy you cannot attain your motive. Your body is nothing but the reflection of your inner hormones, inner structure, emotional guidance system as well as mental and intellectual well-being.


Many disease which captures the body has its root in your psychological behavioural patterns. Did you observe in your vicinity in your home a person being your dad or uncle who is angry and short tempered guy who always love to shout out loud for apparently no reason or trifle reasons. This anger becomes his fashion and his pampering tool. Being angry is become his life – long habit and   now he is on the medication of high blood pressure? So what is the relation between anger and high BP? Answer is  not directly unless the disease is related to genetics  but if no any genetic reason attached then the habit of continuously shouting, giving slanders, beating the children and women at home was contributing factor to his high blood pressure.  Just reverse the situation. Take an example where a person has lot of anger but she can’t really expose it. She could not retaliate, she is just keeping those angry words, aspersions, curses and cascade of anger in her mind because she is physically, mentally not in condition to face her abuser. Relate this example with any elderly lady in your vicinity you saw who is always meek, weak, reserved, soft spoken and could not dare to answer her abusive husband. This suppression can be expressed through either a sudden heart attack or even an arthritis. I know because I witnessed live example of the later condition. I did search on net and also asked the doctors as well some  my psychiatrist friends who second my findings confirming that suppressions of  feelings like disappointments, mental agony, anger, tears, sadness for  life long period leads to massive explosion of sudden symptoms like chest pain, arthritis, blood pressure, depressions, insomnia etc.  In medical history stress is recognised as a valid reason of any disease. And stress is either suppression of emotions or explosion of emotions.  So 90% health problems you suffer because either you suppress it or you explode it. Before going for any treatment or medication the need is to manage your emotions and feelings.


While learning law of attraction I did learn many things about mind set, mind control, positivity, mental strength, potential of human brain, human heart and human mind to conceive anything and make it happen. So when my thirst for solution converted from physical level to psychological one I found one pathy of medicine which is working on the principles of mind, mental balance and mental health to cure the disease and that was of course homoeopathy. I am not at all advertising any homoeopathic doctor or homoeopathy. Nobody given me any money to run the campaign here on web. I am just putting my results before you so if you want to argue on the issue how homoeopathy is crap and inferior then I am not here to debate with anyone. I am not at all denying importance of allopathy or for that matter all the medical pathy’s. When you have critical condition like life or death then only allopathy can help you. When you are suffering from chronic diseases then homoeopathy and Ayurveda will help you to fight better. Even there are thousands of branches like naturopathy, Unani practice of medicines and others which works magically in different criteria & conditions. So there is no bias about anything. I personally think that   Clinical studies and approaches are good to read on the internet but not   in the personal life. When you suffered physically , mentally, emotionally from the effect of medical pathy which is trending far more superior on net then I feel those thousand pages reports, data analysis, paid campaigns by big pharmaceutical companies are useless.  My question is when you know your health is deteriorating day by day and these medicines who claimed to be effective by thousands of clinical trials and data analysis are the reason of your damage then what you will do by taking those volumes of information? If you search the review of Overol L (21) you will find excellent reviews. The medicine is claimed to be effective to reduce heavy menstrual blood flow and regularising periods. It’s basically a superficial hormone pill. & yes it’s contraceptive pill. What is the point to give the contraceptive pill to unmarried teenage girl like me or others whose only problem is irregular menstruation? & did that medicine worked as it claimed ?  not at all. If I would urge to all the wonderful women out there while they could write their review what they have faced by taking such a detrimental medications my site would be flooded by personal experiences only. So please do not take my words for the assurance of any affiliate campaigns or advertisement that’s sheer my own experience. Yes I found homoeopathy & I found wonderful lady homoeopath Dr. Pradnya Deshmukh to whom I started taking treatment.  She actually gave me combine treatment of homoeopathy & batch flower remedy. After the treatment problems of irregular, heaviest blood flows, severe pain, fatigue, depression came into control in first three months only. It took  time of 8-10 months to get my reports normal. I continued treatment as it was cheapest on my pocket in terms of money and the results were amazing. Change happened not only on physical level but on mental, emotional and intellectual level too. As internal hormone balance was restoring I was at more comfort and ease mentally.


It’s a branch of medical which give importance to psychological balance to cure diseases. Philosophy is diseases starts in the mind first and then the symptoms reflects on the body. I already told before if PCOS is not linked to genetics then the reasons are hidden in the lifestyle and stress factor. I would like to ask all my girls out there isn’t it true that you do take stress, you do neglect your physical pain symptoms and drag your everyday life? Isn’t it true that most of you do spend sleep less nights in overthinking what went wrong in the past? Isn’t it true that if you dig out the memories of past insult, humiliation, injustice which happened to you even today your heart weep, your body shivers to feel that same trauma again? So if this or other thousands analogies exists about you then you have to acknowledge that your mental suppressions & depressions do contribute to your weight gain, dark circles, grey hairs, acne, hair loss, PCOS. Homoeopathy & batch flower remedy works to clear the mental blockages to regain the internal vitality and to restore the inner hormone imbalance which actually helps to cure the physical symptoms. As I am not doctor I suggest you to search on net. You will get tonnes of data.


PCOS and obesity are the two separate part of one vicious circle. You became obese if you have PCOS & If you  have PCOS chances are higher that you will gain weight and become obese in no time. It was more difficult in my case as obesity and PCOS both were hereditary. So even when I finally got my reports normal with clean ovaries the next biggest question was how should I shed this much fat from my body. It was most difficult as I am a pear shape person and ¾ th fat in the body was stuck in the lower part. So whether I run for hours and hours, do cycling, swimming, ropes still fat was not reducing. After my PCOS reports came normal from there my journey of normal bodyweight started. On homoeopathy my hair, skin started to come down from rough to normal texture. Swollenness of the body had been reduced. Popped eyes became normal again overall looks improved but the stature of the body basically lower body was  so huge and the deposition of fat  there from  many years had become so stubborn that it was not responding to exercise.


I am a sports person and played on state & national level in my school and colleges but due to PCOS I failed to sustain my performance at later stage. I was doing good and suddenly I became powerless or fatigue. My endurance was far more better but stamina wise or strength wise my performance got deteriorated over the period of time. So my research continued further and I landed in the regime of weight training and protein diets. As a power lifter weight training was not new to me & I enthusiastically started my gym journey and I liked it much more.  Weight training in gym gave me fit look, enhanced my strength, all those sagginess in the body started to convert into toned shape. So it did not move my weight scales of 74 kg but changed my body composition from being flabby fatty to toned, fit but  little bit overweight gymrat.


Most neglected and most under estimated part not only on PCOS but in any physical discomfort. If PCOS is not linked to genetics then the life style and diet is the biggest culprit of making girls PCO affected & obese. It’s trend or fashion to call ourselves foodie. It’s a status thing to eat outside and update those details and check ins on social media.  Abundance of processed food, processed sugary items, bakery items, maida, wheat are absolute blunder to health but still people eat that to satisfy their taste buds & when medical reports came with dozens of labels our mind baffles as to what went wrong? It’s food! Food went wrong.  I am not at all calling our Indian diet is bad. No! basically we left what was our “Own Original Diet.” We modified, moulded, converted our traditional diets and what we eat today is not the diet which our forefathers used to eat. When I was figuring out how to be slim and loose weight I came into contact with many diet approaches and I tried every option! I met hundreds of people, fitness experts, dieticians and listened there approach towards the diet. My  tearful experiments may bring out laughter on your face because I literally tried, erred, again tried and again failed! I lost tonnes of money, time and energy to try every fad diet out there but kudos to the genetics,  my precious body was so firm and determined that she just fucked up my mind, my soul but refused to shed a single pound!


So I introduced to this meal replacement diets.  Stop eating real food, replace it with shakes, loose weight by being in excessive calorie deficit  and also destroy your precious metabolism. So once you stopped taking these shakes you will gained back all your weight. Welcome to the age of yo- yo dieting.

This diet includes protein powder shakes to replace real meal and stay consistently in calorie deficit. I did that. Results ?  weight decrease from 72 kg to 68 and then started to raise again. I advised to drink more protein powder.  The idea was if I raise   protein shake intake it will to bring down the weight scale further. It was actually going so heavy on my pocket. Those were the times when I was working as a junior advocate and I was not earning even a single penny. Moreover  my mind was not convinced to the idea that if I pay more money what next? What if I left these shakes? You can’t replace real food for life time. I found no substance in this type of diet. Thought money wasted for the good and left it there. I gained back all weight in first week itself.

MORAL& LESSON I LEARNED :-  Think scientifically. Please leave to live in this yo yo dieting syndrome. Quick fix weight loss solution does not exist!   


I should feel proud again to my body and genetics. The diet approach which works in 99% cases around the world failed in my case! Yes it failed. Also a note to be taken that ketogenic diet claimed to work superior in PCOS cases. Diet itself will not cure your PCOS but it will control the symptoms as long as you follow it. This is again just a theory. Works for some people fail for others.  It goes like spring action. The more you suppress the spring  higher it will jump once you take off the pressure. Don’t expect you will magically retain the weight loss you achieved on this diet. See here also I don’t want to blame my dietician or gym trainers. Keto diet is big boom in fitness industry and these fitness coach/ trainers achieves maximum results of their clients on this type of diet. So diet which worked for the other clients did not work for me. I guess not their fault. (only fault I see if these wellness coaches are pasting only one diet formula to each and every person)  Keto diet is low carb or zero carb ( in some cases) moderate protein and high fat diet. That’s common approach. Some new western culture approach suggest it’s low carb, high protein and low or moderate fat diet. Idea is that carbs makes you fat and raises your blood sugar besides it is biggest contributor of weight gain so abandon carbs completely or keep it below 20-30 gms per day.  This is the most restrictive diet approach I ever seen.( & most constipated too!)  You have to ban many things from diet. No regular food. Animal fat or dairy fat is the essential source to extract energy in the absence of carb i.e. ham , cheese, paneer, butter, ghee and for protein it’s again preferably derived from animal meats i.e. chicken, mutton, fish, beef etc. Very few vegetables which do not have carbs are allowed.  If you want to know about  how it works  please google. You will get plenty of information. Again no question about success rate. Yes it works for many.  My experience? personally it was worst experience. Did I loose weight? Same as above yes initially I lost 7 kg and weight scale halted there. I was doing heavy weight training, I adjusted fat, carb, protein ratio many times, I gave up all other food items and religiously followed it, I became insomniac and lost my sleep as well as mental stability. I became stubborn, short tempered, my period messed up again and became irregular. In fact I went into depression. My creativity, intelligence was also hampered as I was not able to think properly & while being on keto I gained back my weight. So for 5-6 months I gave it a try. Violently stuffed my body with protein and fat without knowing what I am doing and at the end I fed up of everything and left it. The day I came back to my normal diet was the day of relief! So the women doing better on ketogenic diet all the best for your journey. Women who are on ketogenic diet having symptoms as above described or any other additional bad signs you have to think what you are doing.

MORAL & LESSON I LEARNED:- Just because diet is so popular it does not mean it will work for you. As a woman you should highlight one thing in your mind that as long as you are mentally comfortable and happy you will see results on any diet you are following but if your internal hormones are not responding or creating mess and if you began mentally unstable your results will be gone in toss. Your body is nothing but your inner reflection.


So again it was my new fad diet. As results were not visible on keto and my condition became critical so I came back on my normal routine. My taste bud were not responding to dairy or animal products any more so I took a break from it and went on normal vegetarian diet with intermittent fasting approach. I did intermittent fasting while on being keto too. It worked that time for shorter period. This time I decided to give it a try again. So no breakfast at morning. First meal of the day is on 12 or 1 the afternoon and last meal of the day is before 8 PM at night with additional introduction of  caffeinated fat burner. Results? Again disaster! I lost 6 kg and my weight halted there.  Caffeinated fat burner pills made me sick and extremely insomniac. I used to wake up till 3 or 4 am at night due to severe effect of high percentage of caffeine and other drug extracts in the fat burner. I just left the usage of those pills after 10-15 days. & left the diet after following it for 3-4 months as I again gained back all lost weight while being on diet.

MORAL & LESSON I LEARNED:- Please stay away from any kind of fat burners. Even if anyone telling you it is safe and you can loose weight on it. You will loose weight at the cost of your sleep, happiness, & hormone balance. & once you messed up your hormones, you will surely  gained back all the lost weight.


I started to take those  “green smoothies”  in the morning as I listened it’s importance on weight loss in one of the most renowned health program in pune. Left milk and milk products completely. Though I used to miss milk, buttermilk, cow ghee, paneer so much.  Did I loose weight? No! So after giving it a try  I started back to drink milk, buttermilk, and my favourite homemade cow ghee


I scratched my head many times that how people claim to loose 15 kg, 17 kg, 20 kg in 1 month or 2 months on these kind of  fad diets? Only god knows!  So here I was experimenting many diets, embracing as many approaches as I can & trying to loose fat. Only solace was being on homoeopathy and batch flower remedy so PCOS was not there. Mental condition was stable & firm. I didn’t really give up.  When I didn’t know about homoeopathy at the age of 16 even that time I didn’t give up on my dream to be PCOS free and being beautiful, healthy again. So my persistent determination made my dream come true so how could I leave my  another dream to be slim fit again though it was seeming difficult.  Dreams are the purpose of life. If you don’t dream then you don’t really live your life!  So did I find the new solution?  Yes! I found. how? For that you will have to wait for my next part. While writing I wrote more than 3300 words. If I write further you will feel it difficult to read. Best way I can write a fresh article to express and expand my views which I couldn’t write here. Till then enjoy reading. Stay healthy, stay stress free, stay blessed. Because you are the special one!

-Simply Anjali


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How to become PCOS free :From the diary of PCOS Survivor Part- 2


  1. I put my daughter on homeopathy for almost two years when she was 15 to regularise her periods. Initially it worked for few months but stopped being effective but I continued the regular visit and wasted huge amount of money. Sorry didn’t work on my daughter’s PCOD at all. So am not sure it works for every one. But I do believe a home made healthy diet with less carbs than usual is the best medicine + exercise is the solution.

    • Hi Rita. Thanks for responding. You did not mention what are the other options of medicines you have opted other than homoeopathy. As per as less carb funda is concern I talked many times that carb intolerance is the thing which make low carb, paleo diet, ketogenic diet successful for many people. I myself saw few people who are lifelong living on low carb diets although they never gave their feedback as to whether they reversed their chronic conditions completely. In my case low carb diet was disaster. Homoeopathy worked well for for me. I opted out combine treatment of Ayurveda detoxification and homoeopathy and left all fad diets behind. I do eat carbs. My diet consist of pure maharashtrian local diet containing grains like jowar, ragi, bajara(millet) vegetables, pulses. If yousee my fat loss transformation you would get an idea. I feel sorry about your daughter. My aim is to give insight not to do propoganda. I would suggest you observe what is suitable for your daughter. If medicine is not working then nutrition will save many problems. All the best and feel free to ask any help which I can offer.

  2. Very motivating and inspiring journey anjali di.

    • Thanks a lot dear!

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