Drink your black coffee and loose fat

Drink your black coffee and loose fat

An artificial hormone called oxytocin frequently injected to cows. Reason? To boost milk production. While you listen you feel nothing wrong but truth is more disastrous than we see. Continuous injections of oxytocin reduce the reproduction in cows and  finally they become barren. Due to this hormone, the contraction rate of  womb increases abnormally  causing severe pain which those mute animals cannot even express. This is not limited to cows. When humans drink this milk, it perform the task of hormonal imbalance in human body as well. The essential reason for the girls getting their periods in the odd ages of 9- 10 is the frequent consumption of dairy products abundant with artificial hormones. This is why I have written this article about why you should leave milk and shift to the black coffee if you want to loose weight and belly fat. Please go through it.

It was one cold evening in November when I called my doctor to give him my progress report. That was summary of how I am doing , how much weight I lost up till now and other information. I was stuck to my  68 kg body weight that time. It was a plateau which I was unable to break and even though trying hard things were not moving at its expected rate. Listening to my grievance about my not so moving weight scale he quietly told me “Its time you should quite your milk , sugar and rice intake” His words  froze my mind for a second and feeling of winter  intensified. I was sipping my favourite milk sugar tea combination wala chai and his cold words  just frosted my heart. OMG I am leaving my tea! How on earth it is possible. I left everything. Everything. There is no bakery products, There is no hoteling, There is no wheat products, There is no other dairy products, There is no other food items which is heavy on my body and my metabolism. This diet and lifestyle left only one happiness in my life which I am sipping in this cup (actually a mug, actually a big mug) of tea and now I have to leave this! With tears in my eyes I followed two minutes silence for my last cup of tea and tried to make up my mind for black coffee mornings onwards!


Sipping hot black coffee without sugar and milk was herculean task! Although just a water and coffee may look like a royal combination which only aristocrat or high class people can understand; I felt  with every sip, my life is becoming less sweet and more & more bitter! So did I left it?  Hold on dear friends! Warriors cannot leave his war in a half so didn’t I. Days were passing by and I START LIKING IT! Yup you heard it right. DAYS PASSED AWAY WHILE DEVELPOING MY LOVE FOR BLACK COFFEE!

Moreover I overcome my plateau after restructuring my workout regime with two mugs of black coffee every day and lost 5 kg from the earlier. So when I actually experimented with it I realised whatever written in the praise about these amazing black beans are noteworthy. It’s factually becoming helpful and making life easier. Shall I start to write one by one?

Improved performance during workout

This was the quick and drastic change I observed throughout the day. One mug of pure black coffee helped me to stay alert and stimulated. All of sudden boring workout sessions became interesting one and I started loading more weights. This was so adverse to the previous days when I used to take cup of tea before going to gym. Although I am hard core tea lover I must confess the combination of milk – sugar- tea was not at all helping me in my workouts.

Bloating to no bloating at all

It’s open secret that the milk we consume comes in a plastic bags and its totally useless. All the essential nutrients , healthy fats are gone in the process of toning and what we get is just a white, stale liquid which is damaging our metabolism. Though everything is true like the other thousands people I continued to sip up milk. After shifting to black coffee in a few days I realised I don’t bloat at all.  There is no any feeling of vomiting, Nashua, bloating and metabolism is improving.

Black coffee is great aid in fat loss

That’s may be direct or indirect. You don’t bloat on black coffee. You feel energetic and workout sessions become interesting. You don’t stuff your mouth with unnecessary sugar.  It improves your metabolism. It certainly a great tool for your fat loss journey.

Black coffee has anti-oxidant effects

I was not sure but after reading some research I could safely conclude that black coffee is a house of anti-oxidants.  You can trace vitamin B2, B3, B5 , Manganese, potassium and magnesium. Ultimately drinking black coffee is an option for those who want to age gracefully.

Drinking black coffee Lower the risk of type 2 diabetes

The research may or may not clear about it. Basically if you are just taking a black coffee that means you are not taking any additional artificial sugar. With black coffee if you are following proper diet which do not contain any synthetic or superficial processed sugar and carbs, it helps in great extent to decrease your insulin sensitivity.  That automatically reduce the risk of diabetes subject to consider other factors of lifestyle.

Black coffee is beneficial for mental alertness and long lasting energy

Sugar and milk combination make us lazyish. From my personal experience I can say that while drinking milk , sugar tea I used to bloat, I used to feel sluggish and most of the time things get delayed in absence of mental alertness. Black coffee helped me lot to stay mentally active and fit.

Black coffee suppress your food cravings

That is one of the most head scratching problem is how to control food craving while you are on your weight loss journey. Because craving is just a feeling that come up when your body do not really want any food. It’s just a feeling which tempted us to eat or drink something sugary. Black coffee is great relief as its supress your food cravings.

Black coffee aids to lower risks in immune diseases

That is again an issue which is constantly highlighting by everyday research. Black coffee lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes , Alzheimer’s disease , cirrhosis of the liver and other types of immune disease. It helps to fight depression and stimulate the vital force. It may be don’t sound 100% correct but sipping two mug of black coffee every day aids to fight battle of your everyday life that’s genuinely experienced by me.

On the final note

I would like to give caution that everything in excess turns out to be poison. You can take black coffee in limited portion to see the benefits. This is not a medicine but it has some healing properties which helps you to realise your goal. So if you are still wondering that after doing tonnes of abs workout in gym why your belly is not reducing it’s a high time that you should leave your milk sugar tea combination and indulge into thick bitter aroma of black coffee!

-Simply Anjali

( Adv. Anjali Zarkar)

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