Do fat burner really work for losing weight

Do fat burner really work for losing weight

Loosing weight is not mere aim. It’s not even destination. It’s journey. Journey from being fat to fab, journey from being naïve to an expert ( not on Instagram but for the sake of your health), journey of an understanding that those tones of advertisements about fat melting belts, fat melting cream, fat burners, fad diets, diet books, herbal powders, detox juices are actually worthless , useless and all fake! They do not drop your bodyweight but magically drop the weight of your wallet. The common question which is always asked by fitness enthusiast

“Does fat burner really work to burn fat?

“Do fat burner really help you to lose weight?”

“Can I lose my belly fat with the help of fat burner?”

“Can I become slim, trim by taking fat burners?”

The possible answer to your all question can be given in one simple word. “Temporarily!”

You can lose weight or can achieve tiniest to moderate success to your weight loss journey but everything will be temporary!

What exactly fat burners are?

Fat burners are supplement mostly comes in a pills form.  They are nothing but appetite suppresser. Containing all the herbs and chemical which can directly influence your t3, t4 and tsh level. Many fat burners use the formula which can stimulate your thyroid gland. In turn it will rapidly stimulate your fat burning process. It increases your energy and speed up metabolism. They are certified from trainers, celebrities, Instagram models and pseudo fitness guru all over the world.

 Some of the types of fat burners

Fat burner containing caffeine

It is most commonly used stereo type of fat burner. Caffeine is widely used stimulant for creating efficiency and mental alertness. It is mild appetite suppresser and  if taken moderately in form of your daily dose of black coffee can effectively help in losing weight but the amount of Caffeine used in fat burners is quite high than your normal black coffee. So with all usual positive effect it will bring you sleepless nights. Exceeding your dose will rapidly raise your heartbeats. It is altogether forbidden for pregnant ladies as it brings the calamity of abortion or premature birth.

Fat burner containing hoodia extract

This is another false propaganda that hoodia help to lose you fat. Hoodia is nothing but an African plant exposed as weight loss herb all over the world. Although widely selling over internet targeting European and American mob there are little evidence available if it really works. Moreover the false claims of hoodia supplement has been settled by the “Federal trade commission of USA” in its popular weight loss diet cases. You can read the information here.  You can come across many local sellers who are distributor of supplement companies and will tell you that you can lose weight by using their hoodia products. It’s nothing but another multi-level marketing scam.

Fat burner containing Garcinia cambogia extract

Garcinia cambogia is nothing but a tropical fruit known as the Malabar tamarind become popular weight loss supplement across the internet. Take any site on net and you will see the advertisement about fat burner contain Garcinia cambogia. The question arise again how Garcinia cambogia help to lose weight? No one care what is the truth behind making of fat burners. We only concern about end result. Scientific studies do not provide any back up about efficiency of garcinia. It does have temporary effects as appetite suppresser but more than that it is not at all 100% responsible for any kind of weight loss.

Fat burner containing Ephedrine (Ephedra extract)

Ephedrine is banned in many western countries. It’s basically found in a grey market. Most of the fat burners who claims to use ephedrine as main substance in their pills are also banned in some parts of Europe and USA. Ephedrine is a drug which is used to get relief from ENT disease and asthma but intellectuals discovered it as fat burning supplement and then it all began! It has a record of being smuggled from country to country. Plenty of cases reported of strokes, heart attack, and miscarriage happened due to taking fat burner pills containing ephedra extracts. It is still much hyped as party drug in western countries gaining lot of concern to the legal authorities.

How fat burners help to lose weight

Fat burners are mainly appetite suppresser.  They suppress your appetite , boosts your energy increase your metabolism and core temperature which is effective for  burning more calories throughout the day but at the same time it does effect on your internal organs and hormone balance. It also acts as laxative which will drain out waste and excess water from your body but that’s all. If you feel you lost initial 3-4 pounds on fat burner it is probably your water weight.

Personal experience regarding using fat burner pills

 Myself used some of the fat burners previously and the results were pretty depressive. I did loose few pounds but more than that I messed up my sleep and become insomniac. One of the most negative influence of the fat burner I noticed on my period cycle. I don’t know which ingredient is really responsible from those pills but taking fat burner messed up my period cycle. I am the girl who had history of PCOS in the past so  to maintain my regular period cycle is most important thing  than fall for this kind of delusive fat loss. It raised my depression level and gave me occasional strokes of heart palpitation.  Teenage girls, lactating mothers, pregnant ladies really need to look after the negative side of fat burners. My weight bounced back after I left usage of the pills. So all in all no benefit for long term effects.

Even though the companies do claim how their fat burners are effective it depends how your genetics is responding to these pills. Many people do have hereditary problems regarding hormones and internal organs and no any company or research can tell you 100% that how fat burner will effect or modify your system.

The truth behind Fat burner

The best period to use fat burner is relatively subjective per person. If you are an athlete, if you are doing regular exercise and diet but still your weight is stalled in that case carefully analysis of your diet, life style and determined short term dose of fat burner can work. Weight loss is depend on your calorie expenditure. Calorie in verses calorie out. You need to spend more calories than the calories you have taken. The ratio of protein, carbs and fat is need to be taken into consideration. Fat burner may work as appetite suppresser and energy booster to add more active period in your workout but more than that it is not at all a magic pill and do not expect that you will loose weight permanently.

-Simply Anjali

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