The secret to success: Find something you love to do so much, you can’t wait for the sun to rise to do it all over again.

  -Christopher Gardner

If you see I used three different phrases in the heading. Familiar to those who know about Mr. Chris Gardner aka Christopher Paul Chris Gardner and quite confusing to the newbies who didn’t see the 2006 marvellously inspiring movie “Pursuit of the happiness” produced and performed by my most favourite actor all time “Will Smith” and his beloved son “Jaden Smith.” So the intentionally used title of this article share an interlinked, integral, intact   connection in between. I choose this topic as I wanted to share my thoughts on the stature of Mr. Christopher Gardner. Every success has its own story of struggle and this struggle becomes light house for the generations who want to find their way from the darkest paths.  I personally is a huge fan of the movie “Pursuit of the happiness”, “Will Smith” & so the real hero of story “Mr. Chris Gardner”.  Just wanted to bring out the connection between all for my readers. Lets talk first about “Pursuit of the happyness” Since this movie brought the real struggle of Chris Gardner into limelight.


An interview of Mr. Chris Gardener given in the year 2002 at the show “20-20” lead its way firstly to publish the book on his life journey named as “Pursuit of the happiness” and then   to produce a motion picture under the same title as Chris Gardner himself saw the potential of his story to be viewed by the rest of world.  The movie has seen the grand success in the light of positive critical acclamation and breath taking performance by the real life father-son duo “Will Smith” & “Jaden syre Smith.”  & also for the first time the world saw a story of a man who turned his million dollar dream from being poorest, homeless creature into successful stock broker, businessman, millionaire & an entrepreneur. Chris Gardner himself made a cameo appearance in the last scene of the movie encountering will smith & giving friendly gesture by smiling at him. More than just a positive ending the movie imprints a massive message to its viewers. American dream is not just belong to America for that matter touching the heights of skyscraper while living in the soil is the dream of every aspirant. While to make it possible you don’t really need to be born in rich pedigree & poor of the poorest livings not really affect the desire to touch that height. Most of the scenes in the movie picturing Chris Gardner as being homeless, struggling for earning his basic needs and necessities, his unbreakable will to go further in spite of the dismalest  down to the mouth situations are picturised impeccably well. It certainly raises the tremendous spirit to fight our own battles in life.


Mr. Christopher Gardner is one of my favourite inspiration. I did quote one of his statement about defining success at the inception of this article. To know more about him you can find info on his official website (here ). So after fighting all odds in life till the age of  30 ; Chris Gardener began his career as a stock broker  with the “Dean Witter Reynolds” went on establishing his own brokerage firm “Gardner Rich & Co.” in the year 1987. He sold his stake in the said company in 2006 for a multi-million deal and found a new company “Christopher Gardener International Holdings.” The notable thing is that he did not stop there. More than his multi-million success stories his work as philanthropist is equally commendable.  While honoured with many prestigious awards and rewards as of now Chris Gardner is on his mission to travel the world in order to motivate people through his life journey and philosophy.

He stands for those people to whom life did not offer much but nevertheless while reciprocating he offered so much to his life and other people too. For every statement, for every rule, for every theory to be proved you need an example and you need an exceptions too. So if the thumb rule is you have to born rich to become rich then people like Chris Gardner are huge exception to the rule. If the rule is nothing affects your burning desire in order to reach your destination then again the exception becomes an example and the history takes note of   foot prints who dares to follow an extraordinary path.

If you take a look at the life of this man you will find every element of life lessons full of cruelty, abuse, lack of love, insults, domestic violence and poverty. Despite the fact that he suffered he did not wish to continue the same with his children nor did he have any negative approach to take vengeance to the world for making him miserable. I personally feel there is lot of insight one can learn watching his life struggle.


While watching the movie and learning about the life of Mr. Gardner it is inevitable to see that dreams are meant to broken, attempts are meant to be failed, life is meant to be nasty, start-ups , careers, businesses are meant to be risky, meant to be gone senseless over the time that’s nothing new in it. List is too extensive to explain. Personally I feel you don’t leave breathing if you got asthma or bronchitis. You don’t really leave taking food or drink because it may harm you in one way or other. You don’t really leave your life to live the way it meant to be in spite of countless plights you face. Why the same principle doesn’t go with the dreams you see, the expectations you keep & the desires you have. Your dreams are as important as your breath. Your dreams are as important as your food. Your dreams are as precious as your own life. So if in the process of building a dream it broken down for too many times how does it become trivial or unimportant to you? How does it make you to say that don’t expect much, don’t dream much. I feel it’s strange. A man like Chris Gardner who faced awful negativity in his life, never stopped his pursuit to search his purpose nor did he curse the limited resources or situations. He just went on giving same weightage to his dreams which he would consider to give his breathing. Secret to success is nothing but counting your breaths in terms of your dreams! As you breathe so you dream. There is nothing black or white in it. I don’t attempt to give any formula here. Once it is concluded that you don’t care about anything but continue to suspire to be alive doesn’t matter how many times your dreams broke or tangled you continue to chase your vision.  Period

-Simply Anjali


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