Change your food habits, Change your body

Change your food habits, Change your body

Who don’t want a good looking, slim, trim figure? Fit and toned body and overall impressive body composition. Have a look everywhere and you are bombarding with those zero figure models, fitness fiesta, fashionista kind of stature trespassing in your social as well as private life. Advertising in newspapers, social networking sites, televisions, pod casts, radio, videos, blogs, vlogs, flaunting celebrity in award saga throwing flames on your heating desires of being slim , sexy, curvy & you with every new blazing fire in heart decide to join gym, go on a diet with baffling names and queer meal plans, being abstemious, leave eating in hotels, devoting completely with your changed healthy lifestyle. Selfies on facebook take big switch from clicking food items at the eat outs to gym mirror poses and status alter from being at lounge, restaurants, food festivals to jogging tracks. Indeed commendable. Days pass off and you feel really exhausted while trying to patch up life without pani puri, vada-pav, pizza, burger street food and few visits to eat out(once in a day probably?) Initial motivation level speedily falls down and so your enthusiasm. You decide that you need to take a break to kick start your fitness journey again so you check the date in calendar how many days you completed being on your fitness journey and that stupid dumb calendar tells you only  7 days have been passed when you ate your last bite of  famous rasmalai dray fruit cake. Tears roll down from your cheek in the memory of those sinful, heavenly taste of rasmalai’s , smooth melting texture of heavy cream cake and without thinking second thought you dial the number of your baker. Not a topic of laugh, not completely though. I did experience these kind of food trauma in my initial days and the above example I witnessed as a live show. So you bet nothing can beat the rasamalai cake, or cheese cake in term of its sweet memory your tongue have. More the memory alive, more are examples of those broken vows of weight loss. Of course it’s not complete crime to eat cakes but crime does happen to your body when you only listen to your tongue and reject the signals of body. Healthy changes in your eating habits creates huge difference. Do you even tried to hear or watch those signs? Change your food habits, change your body is the base of success for any weight loss programme. Below are the top 10 eating habits I tried to explain which can change your body & guide you in your weight loss journey.

Signal no. 1

Don’t over eat, I am exhausted, I can’t digest any more!

Most neglected, rejected plea of our body. Recognizing Your Hunger Signals, Learn when to stop eating. Every time you just connive at the signal you get and lost into the taste of tongue. This simply signifies learn to stop eating when belly become full. Taste is important, it’s trend. Usually it happens mostly when you eat at your favourite spot or joint. Food you get outside is delicious, lazeez, scrumptious. It look tempting and when you taste you don’t even know what spices, & condiments have been used but you become addicted to it. You just can’t get over the taste and eventually you end up stuffing yourself regardless the real capacity and need of your stomach. Slowly it become your habit.  You forget the necessity and end up consuming excess calories with every food. Mind it your habits became the part of your DNA. They became just like the blood and flesh in your body. Without knowing what you do your habits form the major life reflections.

Reflection of your body is reflection of your food habit.

You encounter the real problem when time come to cut down the excess bad calories from your food. You simply can’t figure out in spite of following eating schedules, cutting calories, following diet charts why you are not losing weight? Your habits do not let you understand the real meaning of discipline and calorie count. There are different reasons why you tend to overeat. I was also a victim of this overeating so I have some ground ideas. It’s about your mentality, life style and other influences. I just came across this genuine article on net explaining the reasons behind our tendency to over eat. You can read it to become conscious about your life style and influence factor. Click here to read the article explaining reasons and solution for your over eating.

Signal no.2

I am not made to eat this type of food

This is kind of tricky. You may have problems with some kind of food. It’s because your body is unique and follow the structure of your ancestors, the place you live, the environment you have, your do’s and don’t s. Today our food habits became hybrid. We really do not care if the food we eat is compatible with our body. We eat mango in summer because it is readily available in that time span. More than that mango has some cooling properties which can eliminate the heat from your body especially in summer but can you eat same mango in rainy season?  If you eat you cannot digest it because in rainy season your digesting system naturally slows down. Basic principle of eat as per your body, as per your season, as per your region depicts the truth that what is going to nurture body well. Many of us never have any knowledge or information about it. The generation who was well aware of it either gone or even if they are present you probably not in the mood to listen your old irritating grandpa or grandma. Your body too try to give you signals. If you keep eating incompatible food you get rashes, you get strange allergies, your stomach upsets, your throat infects, your weight scale goes up and up. Have you ever listened or paid attention to these signals? If no then start right now.

Signal no.3

Please feed me when my digestive fire is glaring

Time to time eating is a piece of history. We only remember it when we look into our past culture. When we create timings for our meals and stick to it; it contributes better in your weight loss journey. If you schedule your first meal of the day at 8 a.m. and last meal at 7 p.m. or 8 p.m. try to stick your timings. Most of you may have diet charts without any special efforts to follow timings. There are certain period in a day when your metabolism works in better condition. This is basic principle that at afternoon  in a day your digestive juices accumulate more effectively. If you want assurance of my claim you can read what doctor is saying about eating meal at the right time. Please click here to read an extensive elaboration of my point in the words of Dr. Shaila Patel.  If you skip your meal timing the metabolic fire become weak. So when you eat at odd times it become your vital contributor of disturbed metabolism and weight gain.

Signal no.4

Value my opinion & fire your tongue

A country where generations lived happily, ate profusely the food which sprouted in its soil without fear of gaining a single pound today struggling with  obesity and queer metabolic syndromes. If you ask the same question to your mind why this happened just take a look at this meal comparison.

What your tongue lures at;  your body equally hate it. You lure for sugar, sugar candies, spicy street food? Chinese ?  continental? Name it. What you feel much more tasty is not going easy on your body. It’s on the contrary. What your tongue don’t like , your body appreciate and accept it. Have a look at these meals.

One is tangy, tasty, cheesy, mouth -watering   absolute treat for eyes and tongue. & second one is not so tasty, unattractive regional (Maharashtrian) home -made meal. What meal you choose decide the future of your body. Pizza though world famous and popular cousin does not go well on body especially our Indian metabolism. India have diverse regions, cultures, languages, food and types of metabolisms! Your metabolism flares well with pure, desi, home- made traditional food. Although your tongue do not like it your body is always thankful to you if you choose as per her demand.

Signal no. 5

Don’t eat when I am not ready

So you take your meal and depart for your work. Being socialise without addicting food is quite challenging huh. Otherwise even after taking your meal why your mind still tempts you at that one bite of chocolate lava cake in office colleague’s birthday bash, a piece of pizza ordered by friend in office, a portion of biryani in your colleagues’ tiffin box. You just eat out of temptation when your body don’t really need it. As you already stuffed you stomach , necessity is to give it a rest to metabolise that food. These countless single bites of different cousins you eat for the sake of taste create a pile of burden on your body. This is how the stories of slower metabolism born. Your metabolism is naturally strong , you make it slow by your food habits. Mind it.

Signal no. 6

Eat as per season

It’s monsoon time in India now. Everyone’s favourite season including me. Most creative time when nature plays its creative harmony through the music of rain, abundance of water, plenteous greenery. Many work halt down due to rain so your body metabolism. All those alluring pictures of taking onion fritters, potato wada, samosa, chat food, spicy papad platters with the sip of tea while enjoying rains looks absolutely sumptuous but at the same time it is out and out blunder for your body. Dark, sombre, cool atmosphere of monsoon make your metabolism slow and sluggish and these combination like onion fritters, papad, samosa, oily stuff with sip of tea vitiates major imbalances. I am not at all against eating fritters. Only thing is that there shall be a distinction of good time to eat and bad time to eat fritters. That’s it. If you want to know what you must avoid to eat in rainy season to keep your weight loss journey click here to read this valuable information. Demand of body is to eat light, fresh food as per the season. So if your weight loss aspirant listen that demand.

Signal no. 7

Eat as per your region

This is again tricky. Our food and life style became bizarre. Any fruit, any vegetable, any cuisine is readily available. There is no knowledge and need to differentiate between how to eat as per the region. Before one generation in Maharashtra it was tradition to eat jowar roti in monsoon, Bajara roti in winter and ragi roti in summer (Though aborigines in south Maharashtra, Marathvada, vidarbha and nagapur region in Maharashtra follow the tradition of eating food as per season. They have abundance of ragi and jowar in their food). Today nobody knows what jowar roti look like. We adopted as many approaches and food from others while leaving our own. Certain food creates certain allergies. Your body simply could not get adapted to it. Crops grows as per the natural surroundings of any region is good for consumption. Region with low temperature like north India prefer to eat wheat which has capacity to keep body warm. Same wheat has a consumption for all 12 months in the   high temperature tableland region like Maharashtra may not favour the body. Same goes with the intercontinental famous maida –cheese- egg recipes.  Crispy, stylish names of these cuisine do not alter its peril properties. Could you remember at least 10 fruits, 10 vegetables, 10 grains, pulses originally gleaning in your own region and how many times you really eat them?(  To read more about benefits of eating jowar(sorghum)  please click here.

 Signal no. 8

I want to sleep in time:

Again most crucial plea of your body. She want to sleep. She do not have any interest in your fruitless Facebook scrolling or Netflix Instagram streaming. Your body know when time is up for her to take rest. It is impossible to follow normal sleep pattern for people working late night or in night shifts. Initially it’s fun program to stay awake till dawn. Later on these employees too become mentally, physically, emotionally stressed. Money fall down from priority list and demand for mental relief and rest arrives in picture. If it is not your job still this social media addiction keep you engage in useless non-productive hours late night. Acid levels in body rose up. Your diet and exercise become infructuous and again weight scale become stagnant or reverse to higher gain.

Signal no. 9

I hate crash diets, please do not spoil me with your experiments

I could relate myself in better manner with this plea of body because in my past I had done many more adventures in my food structure. Any diet which has too much restrictive approach is not sustainable. Even if you succeed to lose your weight you cannot sustain it for too long. You will lose weight as long as you are mentally stable and happy about your food choices you made on any diet. So eating tones of variety food for years and suddenly keeping body in starvation mode with low or no food is just humbuggery. Do not fall for these kind of diets. If you feel sick and mentally disturb on any restrictive approach it’s the essential signal your body is giving you that she cannot take it anymore. This is the major reason why people do not lose weight on famous diet. Your body reject to co-operate with you.

Signal no. 10

I am not your dumping ground, I am the temple of your soul

Your body is living energy. It’s live vitality. Stuffing your body with unhealthy, hazardous food for the sake of tongue is converting your body into dumping ground. Because your weight gain is associated with the quality of food you consume your observations would help you to achieve your goals easily. Spend any number of money on extravagant accessories but that simply could not patch up the sick status of your body. Your body always talk with you. She always has something to tell you and you have to listen , feel her feelings. After all what is the biggest gift that the health on this earth? That is why  it is said again and again that change your food habits, change your body. Your food habits says much about your commitments to your health. Spend no time to make healthy changes in your food habits. Hope these top 10 food habits will help you all to become more aware in your weight loss journey. Stay healthy, Stay blessed

-Simply Anjali

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  1. Nice topic, avoiding fast foods and consuming single ingredient foods are great for our body, it truly helps weight loss. Been doing vegan diet for 3 months and the results are quite impressive.

    • Hey thanks a lot!

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