Books unputdownable : Only love is real by Dr. Brian Weiss

Books unputdownable : Only love is real by Dr. Brian Weiss

I am little bit let to wish you my Indian readers all over the world awesome, stupendous, splendiferous, fantabulous festival of love, light and energy. Festival of “Diwali.” Well did not come up this time with the tips and tricks how to control your weight in “Diwali” while eating it’s signature food delicacies. Frankly speaking I cannot give any false promises that eat anything with love and gratitude and you will alright with it. Yes love and gratitude has an immense power to change anything and everything. If you put this power in your food you may notice subtle difference but when you are ongoing on your journey of weight loss and if you are breaking it for the sake of your tongue it’s not going to help you much. For person like me who lost 13 kg earlier and recently broke her plateau and lost more 3 kg,  neither  can advice you to eat fried sugary items full of maida and nor give any assurance that in spite of eating anything your weight scale will be the same. I am celebrating my Diwali with all happiness and joy with my daily meditations, work & simplistic diet. I would urge you the same if you are ok with it.

Since I am an Indian I knew from the experiences of all these years; there is always something special about “Diwali.” Be it a food, new cloths, crackers, enlighted  yards , gardens, galleries, houses with those unique soil diyas, Beautiful lanterns, joy of being all people, friends, relatives together. Diwali is always joyous, prosperous, enchanted. Just recently I added one more meaning to it. Diwali is spiritual too! Thus the joy which is coming from external surroundings is also the part of inner harmony.

From many days I was trying to start new section on my blog about books. I am an extreme book lover and always found my inspiration from books. If you find my journey little bit inspirational one then I would be much more  happy to introduce you the backbone of my will power, The fountainhead of the dedication I put behind my work. Books I red had a huge impact in my life rather it has impact on each and everyone’s life.

The thing about books is that they are like a  oceans which you hold into your hands. You read books and acquire knowledge. Books are reflection of your life and therefore more the books you read it defines your ways towards your destiny. Motive behind starting the “Books that can change your life“ series was crystal clear to let readers understand the essence of books which hold tremendous wisdom and  power to transform their lives. As a lone child to the parent my only solace and comfort zone was reading books while sitting at the corner of my house near the window. All childhood memories are filled about the numbers of years and the books I red in between. Needless to say books are most important aspect in my life. It’s not about my personal take up; any person who reads is well accustomed with it’s phenomenal ability to bring the change. Hence engraving the most favourite part from my heart I am trying to list out the books which need to be discussed and need to be red most. Disclosing the first article in this series I would love to share about one of the most memorable book of all times

 “Only love is real” by “Dr. Brian Weiss.”

            I red this book in 2012 and had a great impression on my mind. This impression was in more subtle and positive way. I am the person who believe and work in the field of spirituality, occult sciences, mind energy therefore I can embrace any new topic which shows sufficient evidence and sense towards the brand new possibilities which human brain might not pursue. It may be bone of contention that whether there is re-birth or not. I am not loading any debate neither want anyone to start it. When you are spiritual person your mind delimit the larger circle of potentialities. About in every religion the connection of mind, body and soul is depicted. A well- known theory of Bhagawad Geeta is exemplary who preaches that body is just like the chariot and the soul is traveller. Chariots may change but the traveller remains the same until he reunites with the supreme. A well-known psychiatrist and his successful experiments with his patients to travel in past life is an evident to the existence that unknown threads we share from birth and re birth which connects us all invisibly. I am talking about Dr. Brian Weiss a popular psychiatrist who has written the series of books which are purely an experiences of his patients about travelling through past lives to find out the symptoms of mental disease they faced in their present life.

We all know Dr. Brian Weiss is popular for his past life regression treatments they offer to their patients to heal the symptoms of mental illness. “Only love is real” swing around the concept of soulmate and how karmic relations are responsible to join us with our partners.

 In a word of Dr. Weiss.

 “This book is about soul mates, people who are bonded eternally by their love and who come around together and together again, life after life.”

Initially the concept of “soul mate” is quite mystical. The terms is used for the one who are dearer to our souls. Not necessary a life partner but a friend, relative, sometimes one of the parent. Quite misleading for many because most of us only know the one form of love and it comes with the label of sexual intent and physical attraction. We all remember that time when we misunderstood our life lesson for a soul mate. We misunderstood a person as a soul mate. He or she came in life, sucked down our physical, emotional energy and sympathetically left. We are still carrying those bruises of cheating & pain. May be we are still so overwhelmed that if we had any encounter with real soul mate in life we may not know when that happened. Love is an energy and it has no specific form. Sexual energy may be exaggerated time and again but intense love shall not be characterised for intense physical attraction.

            “Only love is real” certainly draft a graph of true love and bonding of souls which continue through each and every passing life time.

Story line is simple where a  dynamic, self -independent  young woman “Elizabeth” comes to seek past life regression therapy for  a rescue from her profound grief caused by the death of her beloved mother at Dr. Weiss’ clinic. Hoping that if she would have any connection with her mother in her past lives.  On parallel line young handsome man  from Mexico called  “Pedro” is also present there for the treatment. While taking independent sessions with “Elizabeth” & “Pedro” somewhere in between Dr. Brian Weiss realise that these two patients were actually together in many past lives.  It was shocking for Dr. Weiss that two completely stranger who just came for the past life regression treatment , taking independent hypnosis sessions, not knowing anything about each other describing quite similar incidences with great detailing and emotions. Now the question before him was to introduce both of them with each other and intervene into the cosmic drama or let these two souls find their own way to connect with each other in this present lifetime.

The book is much more than its plot. It’s a vivid philosophy about life, death, destiny, lessons, reincarnations, soulmates and core purpose to live our life despite of challenges we face. Not even a single time you will find it brooked. Most importantly the book is not written with an imagination of a great writer but it is the collection of an experiences gathered through and from souls who went through many lives from ancient times to learn, unlearn & relearn the life lessons.

Dr. Brian Weiss did give examples and resume of experiences of his other patients about how people reunite when they are meant to be. Separation is always painful and we lost the purpose of our life if we departed from our loved one. Whether it is little , tender baby who left her mother or an age old mother whose demise affected her young daughter. The book depicts an amazing case histories that how this death and departure is just an illusion.

The essence of this book can be summed up like:

We always try to seek the solace and comfort in another person. Oh that concept of soulmate is spinning around our own safety and security. Grief of past and fear of present make us so vulnerable that every time we lost the control and put up another person in so much power to hurt us, to exploit us, to tear us apart. May be we are learning our life lessons through these kind of abusive relationships but the pattern must have to break somewhere in between. You cannot repeat the same patterns and mistakes for a lifetime. When the lesson is learned you need to let go of that pain and move on believing that you can always set your vision in motion, you can always refine your core values to be shine again and you can create better life and life partner. After all your status of a human is temporary and identity of a soul is permanent. If we all are souls then we are equally powerful for that matter we are the part of creator who created us. 

The book is wonderful read to understand the core concepts of love, life, relationships and underlying life lessons we learn for our spiritual development. Whether you feel it right or wrong, justified or unjustified but  learning lessons and balancing karma is an inevitable thing which you can’t avoid you can just experience it and learn to embrace it.

The concept of soulmate has a much hike and people are crazy about it. Can understand though but many times when experience become bitter we lost our inner purpose to live life joyfully. Toxic experiences extend in life and crush down many beautiful opportunities.  In fact what’s the need to dwell upon things which expired long ago? Let it be buried there. You don’t need to bury yourself with the dead thoughts of a person who left.

 The book is wonderful especially for those who are grieving for the demise of their loved one. For those whose heart still aches with the memories of lost love and for those who had to bid farewell their younger babies due to death.  The ultimate message of the book is departure is delusion and only love is real!

I wish on this delightful occasion that

May this festival of light brings the relief, comfort, soothing and spiritual healing in your life. Happy Diwali!

-Simply Anjali


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