An interpretation about how to apply law of attraction in life

An interpretation about how to apply law of attraction in life

Thinking and implementing the law of attraction is not easy thing as it seems. Power of mind never understood or always misunderstood. Anything or everything that happens or shape up our reality either because of our mind present into it or because our mind is absent into it. For some people it is pseudo –science. I don’t understand if something is intangible or impalpable but is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent like air or like our mind, soul how it is conveniently categorised as fake. If you ask someone to use their mind power to accomplish the task he/she want to; the person will not succeed at the first instance. He will simply do not believe what you are saying. Because the mind is not receptive to the instructions. The traditional belief system is so limited and narrowed down by the culture and education we got therefore there is no scope remain for receptiveness, open mindedness or infinite possibilities.

Biggest task is changing your mind set to see that you are able to do anything in your life. Any goal which you find it difficult or impossible to achieve; after starting to think about its possibilities, its existence you will slowly feel that the idea you believe which is beyond your limitation is somehow possible to attain. To put simple test take any aim you want to achieve but you feel it’s too difficult or impossible. Start thinking over your dream for day and night. Start writing it in the notebook, stand before the mirror for continuously 10-20 days and say loudly your dream. See the change after some days. You will feel the difference. The dream you were thinking impossible now changed its appearance. Your words also changed from “impossible to achieve” to “slightly possible to achieve” then “might be possible if I try” and afterwards “yes it is possible, I can do it.” Dream is still there you just changed your view to see that dream & because now dream is possible to you; you are going to find every possible way to make it reality. So congratulation you just applied the power of your mind to attract your goal. As your goals are concentrated towards your dream you are likely to meet people, situations, circumstances which will help you to fulfil your desires. Law of attraction is nothing different than this.

You can call it one of universal laws which are constantly in motion and governing the universe. Most of us acknowledged with basic principles how this world works or what are the things make us to move. For example there is law of gravity. No question about it. You know it very well. But wait. How you know? Did you have its knowledge by birth? No? Then how come you informed with the concept? Of course by the grace of great Albert Einstein! But again question remains the same. Did Einstein discover this law of gravity or he just made us aware about its existence? Law of gravity was always in existence, in constant motion. When we were not at all conscious about it. Einstein just felt it with the help of physics. He put forth the evidences before you and this whole world. He gave the name and today we call it law of gravity. Fact is that the evidence of existence of law of gravity was presented by the scientists before us not it’s discovery or creation. Universal laws are not made or created by human. They are constantly in motion by the great cosmic force. You just need to aware.
Another example is the law of karma. As you sow so shall you reap. You never heard or never taught this law in school but you experienced it in your life. Every second, every minute this law of karma is frequently working. Your current life is the fruit of your past and thereby your future life is depend upon what you are doing with your present.
Law of attraction is just like another law of nature. Precise and constant in motion. You attract the life as per your belief patterns, your thoughts and your mentality. Most commonly used phrase about it “like attracts like.”

It just remind me the popular principle of homoeopathy which says “like cures like.” I am the person who has tasted the fruits of homoeopathy. I experienced how homoeopathy medicines work. Yes they predominantly work on mind to extinguish the symptoms visible on body. Underlying principle is root cause of disease is in the mind so let’s treat mind first and your body will cure itself.
“Like attracts like” is the principle which is equally true when it comes to the reflection of our attitude, mentality, and psych pattern while responding external environment. That’s the exact reason why mind wizards always emphasis on controlling mind to control problems. Your immense exposure of anger upon other person will likely to attract much more anger and wrath unto you. Your constant depression about your health, wealth, relationships are likely to attract more damage to existing situations. Things are working in life as per the thinking patterns you have and if you change the pattern you will see the change in life itself.

Whether you are in a quest of materialistic well-being or spiritual seeking, all you want is manifestation of your desires or dreams. You are in one verge or another to try, experiment or find the ways which could land into your chosen realities and the life of your choice. While doing that it is much easier to control things from within instead of trying to blame people, situations, destiny every time. If your mind is in control and peaceful in the most challenging situations you will easily find solutions to tackle it. If you peep out in Vedic texts, in upnishad, in talmuda ( ancient text which belongs to jewish sect) OR any other oldest religious scripture; core principle is always denoted about the control of body from mind and the connection of mind to the supreme soul. Body is just like chariot who is controlled by the charioteer called mind. (That’s what depicted in our Bhagwad Geeta too!) No wonder why we repeatedly hear the quote from many famous stature who says “What the mind can conceive, Body can achieve.” Therefore using techniques of creative visualisations, seeing your dreams already fulfilled in your vision, making affirmations to build your confidence and strength, consciously thinking about your aims every time help to achieve the desired results.

With due respect to the critics it is not a magic wand that will change each and everything in a second and overnight. When it takes tremendously longer time to build the belief system and sipping up the thoughts, impressions, psyche patterns given by the society we live in then it will take double labour when we want to break the old pattern and build new one. Yes it takes time, energy, toil and chances of failures are high. You will fail, learn and re-learn. Some people won’t believe you and some will cheer you up knowing the truth that what you are trying to convey is already depicted in the glory of our lost culture, in the monuments of history, in every chapter of the lives of those greatest seer who once upon a time preached its significance on this earth.

“Mind is everything. What you think, you become”.


“There is no limit to the power of human mind. The more concentrated it is, the more power is brought to bear on”.

-Swami Vivekananda

“You are today where your thoughts brought you, you will be tomorrow where yours thoughts take you”.

-James Allen


Interpretation is different for every person. If I sincerely put down my own story while interpreting about law of attraction and earlier attempts to change my life it was nothing but a good old story of confusions, bafflement, failures and learning the precious lessons through most heart breaking and abusive incidents. I wanted to be healthy, slim, PCOS free. I wanted to stop my hair fall, male pattern baldness, swollenness of body and filthy comments from people. I wanted to be physically, emotionally, mentally fit and strong. I wanted to come out from the life-long depression and kind of dismay I was facing since from childhood. I dint have money to go at psychologist and it was not necessary too. Everything which I wanted to change since I am penniless, clueless and less of any vision. I may have only one advantage at my side that I did learn to keep faith and believe in everything I do from my heart. With that belief I initiated my journey.
While meditating and thinking deeply about the situations I did realise the setbacks. May be these are the setbacks of everyone.

I used the phrase “unconsciously conscious” It’s because you do not have idea and you never paid attention to your words you speak, feelings you have, actions you take are specifically done with the extreme negative mind-set. These are the patterns made and developed through years and years and contributed by the parents, teachers, friends, relatives and environment. More than Law of attraction (Hereinafter referred as LOA) it is a common sense thingy that a child who brought up in a positive environment with much needed warmth, care, affection and love do well in all spheres of life. While the potential of child can be destroyed or can be destructive. I did realise in the process of deep meditation that I too had broken confidence, broken self- esteem & broken self -respect for myself which was not allowing me to go further. It is far easy to treat the scars visible on your body, easy to treat wounds, cuts, blood stains since they are tangible but why no one ever accept that even our heart too carry wounds, cuts, bruises, injuries developed through the memories. These wounds are invisible and intangible but it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. They show their existence through unknown tears falling without reasons, unexpected outbursts of wrath, anger, anxiety, tendency of lonesomeness, frigidity and the list goes on. If you are saying that our mind do not affect anything we do in our life then my friend I would humbly say to you that before wasting more your time here you can just leave. This site and my insight is not for you.

Yes its again common tendency. I am denying everything. I am denying that I have any issue. I am denying that this mind power or something is crap. I am denying that I have issues regarding being socialise, being humble, being friendly, I am denying that I have any kind of depression. So this deny list is huge and simply people don’t accept that they need to change. So the change become more rigid process for them.

This is something most important and much needed to look into factor. Fear is attached to mind since birth and it multiplies every time when we want to try something new. “What people will say“ this phrase killed infinite dreams before its birth. I can’t do this or I am not able to do it these kind of similar beliefs paralyses our actual strength. What if you want to try something new. Yes there shall be cascade of comments, negative feedbacks, super trolling from your near and dear ones. Everyone would say how stupid, idiot you are. If your mind is strong you will accept it and you will continue to chase your vision. Unfortunately if your mind is weak you will become emotional and fear to face criticism shall kill all those tiny seeds of your dreams. I would like to say on the note of an advice. Why not become deaf and dumb except to hear your own mind. While chances are higher that trusted one will leave you at the most unexpected time, at least your mind could not backstab you.

Being peaceful, calm in every situation, Being grateful and being full of forgiveness for even the abusive people and their most abusive conduct with you, Listing little tiny things in life to be grateful for and observing your nature, conduct and feelings was the initial task. Thus the process was time consuming and result of observations were not so good. I observed myself as short-tempered, angry, melancholic girl who was totally negative about everything in her life and pretty hopeless for anything. Most of the sad incidents I dragged into my life by my negative mind-set and unknown hate for world. My uncontrollable weight issue may be genetically occurred but it was related to my disturbed psychological conditions and my mental ill health which followed by massive hormonal imbalances. The same mental ill health was leading me towards unwanted people, unwanted situations, abusive relations, and insults many times. So as these observations were bumping on to me I was simply not accepting it. It was difficult for me to swallow the truth that I am actually creating sympathy for my situations by crying out loudly. I am building the fake sympathy just to run away from my own vices. The more difficult task was again when the situations were completely at the adverse side I needed to visualise, affirm and to keep faith that this is temporary and I am going to achieve what I want at any cost but as soon as I used to look mirror those days , Looking at my swollen, pale, tanned, black face , my fatty blubbery body my all support system used to shatter away and I used to burst into endless tears. Indeed it wasn’t easy. I kept writing gratitude journals, I kept reading books like science of getting rich, The master key system, The vortex, Power of visualisation, Think and grow rich, As man thinketh, Feeling is the secret up till recent NLP techniques etc. etc. I kept my affirmations intact about my health, happiness and prosperity, I kept my meditation integrated despite of many impediments. I observed, tried and somehow succeeded to the extent in changing old behavioural patterns.
In meanwhile life was going on. I had had fair share of disappointments, dashing hopes, failures of what I wished for, failures with person, situation, jobs, money etc. Be it abusive relationship with friends, Be it back biting at my professional work about my body, be it constant body shaming and unnecessary hate for not being fit into the measurements of feminine charm, be it my constant failures in jobs and money every lesson was precious and stepping stone to the further advancement. The biggest lesson I ever learned is that;

“ Mother Nature Shall Assure You Her Protection When You Are About To Die But She Will Not At All Interfere In Your Learnings Nor She Will Promise Smooth Safe Journey. Journey Has To Be Spicy, Stormy, Topsy & Turvey. Important Is Despite That You Finished It (Finally!)”

I think everyone have gone through all this and time and efforts taken to change our mind-set must be countless. Even today I am struggling with it but now the struggle has become an aspirant’s journey with boosted confidence, enhanced strength and fearless attitude.

You will find difficult while doing practices of mind techniques and LOA. Many of us experienced difficulties to focus or concentrate on our better future vision just because the wounds of past are still fresh and soul is intact in embitterment. You simply cannot forget the past and you are not ready to forgive people or yourself. Forget and forgive these two things play pivotal role to determine our journey while doing LOA. Let me tell you it has greater impact on your life decision too.

 Mind which is in constant state of anger about past and heart full with intention to take revenge on people is nothing but an abode to darkness and self- destruction. There is no light therefore no direction and therefore no vision is present. In absence of any light of wisdom, lead or insight journey is clueless. Person become victim of his own thoughts and ultimately life offers nothing but a reflective defeat of his life purpose by one way or another. You want to know what is reflective defeat of purpose while living life? slaying relationships, bitter divorces, piles of court cases filed out of revenge, slanders, aspersions, defamations, lost jobs due to shattered focus, detection of diseases like BP, sugar or cancer, Actual murders of person, depression & the list goes infinite. Many more things could be simplified just by an act of forgetting and forgiving.
 Sadly we are the race of human who believe in retaliation. We make “tit for tat” syndrome our life purpose and neglect the precious offer life want to give. Doors of unlimited possibilities shut down and we find purpose in narrowing mind set further. If you are still struggling with your past then my line of advice shall be summed up in two words again, Please forget & please forgive! Let it go.

Asking about me I made gratitude my habit and I learnt to say even in the most dispirited, depressed situations or incidents that I am still thankful to the mother universe for giving me this beautiful life lesson. It’s tough but I need to say this whatever the situation may be. The biggest culprit of my fatness was the habit of binge eating. Depression- binge eating- cravings- gaining weight is the vicious circle and sensitive people are the one who victimise easily to these cheapest tricks. I changed my habit of binge eating’s and cravings through auto suggestion and self-hypnosis methods. Positive affirmations and visualisations about face, body and health did come true by channelizing myself through clean eating’s, exercises, lifting weights, martial arts training, homoeopathic and ayurvedic remedies.
So how Law of Attraction helped me. By giving me magic wand or magic lamp? You can say yes. It has channelized my complete focus and attention towards my aim in positive way. It has strengthen my emotional support system & helped me out to unleash the potential of my own hidden mind powers. It showed me the way where I could find my solutions which was impossible while having completely shattered focus and negative mind set. So for me LOA is magician and I will keep exploring the world of mighty mind. Yes today I am PCO free and reports are constant normal. All swollenness has gone and body is gaining its physical strength back. Since its been seven years when I first learnt about the “Secret and Law of Attraction” If ever I didn’t try to change the situation, If ever I didn’t decide to change my mind set, If ever I didn’t try to wipe out my fears and limited belief systems I would never know how much strong I could ever be, how much happy I could ever be. Time would pass anyway my time passed through the mindful efforts to mind my mind and I somehow seeing results in that.

I would love to take a pause here & love to share afresh content as much as I can. Stay tuned with Simply Anjali. My sincere prayers to mother universe to stay you all healthy and blessed!
-Simply Anjali

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