Amazing jaggery health benefits for healing your body

Amazing jaggery health benefits for healing your body

Recently I got a message from hon’ble shree. Atul Shah sir owner and M.D. of famous “Chandukaka Saraf & Sons pvt. Ltd. (most popular gold, diamond and silver jewellery across Maharashtra and India). He sent me an information about the product which he cultivated in his organic farm named as “K.J. Farm” at village “Malad” in Pune district. The info was about organic fresh jaggery and blackstrap molasses. As I know myself that the he is doing 100% organic farming to cherish the rich tradition of  Indian agriculture and to give benefits of pure and chemical free agro products to the people of our locality in reasonable prices. I am a big jaggery and blackstrap molasses lover. I remember in 2014 I ordered a jar of 600 ml. blackstrap molasses for rs. 1400/- (fourteen hundred). It was imported product from Australia which I ordered online and sent it to home. When my Aai (mother) knew the price she did not touch that jar for 2 months. It was placed on the table middle at our hall where anyone who enter in our house could see it first and then listen from aai that how her daughter is spendthrift and recklessly spending money. As per as currency is concern if we take into account Indian currency equal to dollar Rs. 1400 was like nearly spending 1400 dollars! So it was really a BIG deal.

I got 1 kg pure organic jaggery at Rs. 75/- (Seventy five only) and 1 kg bottle of organic blackstrap molasses for just Rs. 150/- ( one hundred and fifty only) from K.J. farm. It was worth and value for money. Thankful to Atul kaka now I and many more can afford rich thick taste of organic jaggery in economically reasonable prices.

I wanted to write about jaggery as it helped me lot in my weight los journey. It sweetened my life without giving any side effects. As I eat all type of food jaggery was best substitute option for processed sugar.

India is a blessed country where an ancient wisdom of Ayurveda prevails over thousands of year. Old era life style was much balanced and healthy where diseases were less and most of the illness used be cured by eating right nutrition in right amount at the right time.

As of now when modern technology is infused in everything and we are living less active to no active life this is leading to severe life style diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular attacks, obesity, PCOS.

The idea of treating diseases with proper diet is again in swing and many doctors embraced it with open mind. Replacing items in kitchen helps in vital ways to reduce the health problems.

Till 20 years before jaggery was the sole ingredient for sweetness in real Indian couzine. Times have changed and white sugar acquired the shelf in every kitchen house and jaggery was termed as outdated or too hot to digest.

After knowing the disadvantages of white sugar and its link to lifestyle disorder disease jaggery is again in limelight and this time for good reason.

What is Jaggery  

Jaggery is extracted from sugar cane juice. It is concentrated but still unrefined and non-distilled sugar in non -centrifugal form. Although variants of palm and dates jaggery are available the most popular form is of sugarcane. No any other chemical process is involved in making jaggery except boiling sugarcane. After juice is solidify it is poured into mould to make blocks.

Natural cleansing agent for body to prevent constipation

This is the vital utility of jaggery. It is best natural cleanser who efficiently do its work. That is why jaggery and ginger combination is used for indigestion problems. It cleans out lungs, intestinal food pipes and proves to be effective aid in clear digestion. In fact it improves digestive functions if consume in little amount regularly. Jaggery is also known as digestion booster as it improves digestion functions.

Detoxification agent

Jaggery extracted by natural process is works as detoxification agent while flushing out toxins from liver. Yes it’s not 100% responsible to detox your liver in case you have fatty liver problems which needs medical supervision but jaggery is beneficial in detoxification process.

Beneficial effects of jaggery on skin

Jaggery is proving beneficial in beauty treatments. Many people think that skin problems can be cured if they regularly visit beauty parlours but that is half -truth. You can only maintain your skin from within. If your overall digestion system is well then only you can have outer radiant skin. Jaggery consumption is known to be effective for hair and skin from ancient era of India.

Jaggery is multi mineral food and it helps to nourish the skin. Consumption of jaggery helpful to keep the skin blemish free. Of course it should be limited to 1 to 2 t- spoon per day on regular basis.

Beneficial effects of jaggery on blood component

Jaggery is well popular as being the purification agent for our blood. Consumption on regular basis help to flow out the toxins from blood. Jaggery is main component to enhance the haemoglobin levels in body that is why doctors recommend many women who are anaemic    to eat jaggery for raising haemoglobin in blood. Jaggery is the booster of immunity and therefore it plays major role to boost overall immune system.

Jaggery helps to relieve PMS symptoms

PMS is referred as pre-menstrual symptoms. That is universal problem and many innocent souls suffers like a hell. Many women face PMS before 3-4 days of monthly period some women have those symptoms even before one week of their period. Every time it’s not possible to take pain killer and it is not even advisable. Anti-biotic taken in excess do more harm than good. Jaggery taken with ginger in hot water is proven remedy for PMS. It soothes from stomach ache and period pain in considerable extent and has no any side effects.

Jaggery helps to reduce water retention

Water retention is the major issue you can face in your weight loss journey. Jaggery as a cleansing agent flush out toxins from body and thus proves beneficial aid to reduce water retention from body. It is used as an option for sugar and while one is one weight loss journey can safely take a bite maintaining his macros.

Jaggery is rich source of anti-oxidant

Jaggery has a profound profile of minerals and anti -oxidants.  An anti- oxidants called zink and selenium is prominently available in jaggery. It prevents the circulation of  free radicles in body. The result is your immune power become stronger and keeps you away from many ailments.

Jaggery is used as medicinal component to treat cough and joint problems  

Ancient Ayurveda culture praise jaggery for its medicinal properties From years it is used as vital component for treating the cough and joint problems. Main cause of joint problems are saturated “vata” (air element in body)  in colon area. Jaggery is used to clean out the toxins which turns beneficial to treat the root cause to eradicate the disease. Jaggery is also beneficial enough to treat urinary track problems.

Why jaggery is beneficial over sugar

As per as composition is concerned both jaggery and sugar are the form of sucrose. While sugar is purely sucrose without any trace of other ingredients jaggery is the power house of minerals, vitamins, salt and some fibre. Jaggery is applauded by Ayurveda having medicinal and healing properties. It is a food of cultural saga.

Sugar is the simplest form of sucrose and therefore rapidly absorbed in blood. It is the instant energy source unlike the jaggery which takes considerable time to digest.

As per as sugar is concern it has lot of side effects as to slow down immune system. It causes inflammation in body. Sugar is the main ingredient which supress the release of growth hormone. While high in calorie sugary food intake rapidly bulk up your weight and gear up the process of aging. The important one which you need to know it raises insulin level in blood. The higher the insulin level more are the chances that your body is vulnerable to diabetes, metabolic syndrome as well as obesity.

Although consumption is jaggery may not be 100% safe for sugar patient but it has immense benefits over sugar and any one can use it to enhance the flavour and sweetness in food without having any dangerous side effects as sugar have.

Is jaggery safe for no carb diet and diabetic patients ?

As per as zero carb or no carb diet is concern question doesn’t arise to use jaggery as in these types of diet do not recommend consumption of sugar in any form. For zero carb dieters sugar is bad whether it is in one form or another so if you are pursuing any zero carb diet I would not suggest you to eat jaggery.

Is jaggery safe for diabetic patients ? the answer is depends. Many times a diabetic patient needs instant energy source to maintain the energy level in body. When the patient is suffering from low sugar he can consume jaggery as an alternative source to white sugar under a medical guidance.

Why jaggery is better than any artificial sweeteners

Basically it’s a biggest lie story that you lose weight on artificial sweeteners. It is open truth that chemicals used in sweeteners impact on the PH levels  in our body. You can fooled your brain for a while but when there is lack of energy your body revolts for consumption of more glucose. That’s why many time adding sweeteners ad more poundage to your weight scale. Jaggery on other hand is a safe option than those chemically converted sweeteners which you can use to add healthy sweet taste to your cuisine.

Which season is best for eating jaggery

Again its vital part as to which season is best for the consumption of jaggery. In India winter season is prescribed as best season to eat jaggery. Jaggery has power to keep body warm and therefore consuming jaggery in winter season gives lots of benefits to immune system. It is advisable not to eat excess in summer season as it may raise the heat in body.

To sum up

It’s great to have a flavour of sweetness with balance of health added in life and jaggery is the best option for those who have balanced and all inclusive food option in their diet. Even though it is one of the most beneficial natural sweetener consumption must be limited to 2 -3 table spoon a day. Any excess consumption can lead to other problems and therefore it is safe to enjoy its health benefit by taking limited but right quantity.

-Simply Anjali

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  1. Well, I wasn’t aware of all those benefits of jaggery that you have mentioned i was eating it since long time but only know that it’s richest source of iron and improves digestion. Thanks to you that now i know many other benefits which makes it more delicious.

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