10 Best ways for developing your intuition power

10 Best ways for developing your intuition power

Whether you accept it or reject it everyone has the guidance open from their respective subconscious mind. Everyone can acquire the knowledge and power guided by subconscious. If by doing constructive exercises you can built up your physic, you can remould, reconstruct your body composition then it is also true in the sense of your psych. Strong physic can be achieved by the exercise so the powerful and mighty psych is well achievable by doing mind exercise techniques. There is nothing unscientific in it. If you are well aware of sports psychology these mind game techniques are used successfully by world class athlete to enhance their performance. There are plenty of techniques can be used in day today life to make your emotional support system stronger , harder and well defended from external attacks.

                   We all are living in a fear driven society. The responsibilities and duties are cast upon on our shoulder in such a way that we see life as rigorous punishment rather than a fruitful journey. Fear of study, fear of not getting job, fear of relationship, fear of abuse, fear of being left out, fear of religion, sect, creed, life and what not.

                            There is no formal education available how to tackle your fear factor in order to achieve success. How to keep yourself calm and strong in every situation. These are the lessons we learnt by ourselves if guided well.  When no any external guidance is available why not to call your own inner voice to help you out. Everyone needs a “GURU” or teacher to help  in critical times but what if there is no teacher at all. No guidance available at all. Just in case from self-experience I would say your subconscious mind could be your best friend. In a world where your dearest relations turns out your biggest lessons ; relaying on the inner voice for trustworthy guidance is essentially helpful and its free of cost.


Many more time I myself have experienced the power of intuitive guidance. To example a few recently I was in the “Big Bazar” shopping moll to purchase some of my stuff. I wanted to take an extension box in my room. I saw it in the electronic department. I already decided to buy two extension boxes as I thought I would use both of them. As soon as I reached and lift two pieces of them suddenly my mind was not allowing me to take another extension box.  I stood up there for a while to choose the best piece, my mind was not at all ready to take two extension boxes. I thought what exactly is happening? I decided to buy two boxes but now why my mind is saying take only one box. After struggling with my mind I lift only one box and came home. To my utter surprize I found one extension box is sufficient. My intuition guided me at the right time from wasting my money. Here is my one of the most memorable experience is an example how our mind give us suggestions or instructions as it knows what is going to be in future. I was going to the court of law in my town for work. In the corporation chawk I stopped by a signal. I was waiting when red signal will turn into green so that I will be reaching at court in time. Just ahead of my scooty there was a funky college guy riding on a bullet and listening music with headphones on. Signal turned into green and suddenly from somewhere I heard a command “STOP!” I was about to go behind that funky but I stayed there only. People at my behind were making noises , playing horns, shouting at me but I was frozen there thinking why my mind is not allowing me to go & at the very next moment I got the answer. The funky college guy who left with highest speed bumped to the car coming from opposite direction. His bullet slipped down and two three vehicles behind him bumped at one another and somehow damaged. The atmosphere became chaos. People rushed at the spot. Victims were badly wounded and funky guy was absolutely unconscious. I was there near the signal as it is. Frozen, baffled, horrified! Thinking in mind if I would have gone behind him what would be my condition? Who told me to stop? Who was not allowing me to go?

There are much more miracles I could expand but that would be again time and space consuming. Above glimpse are sufficient to show the power of our mind. The power of our “sixth sense.” This sixth sense is nothing but the guidance we receive at the emergency from the core of our mind! I would love to share some of my views for you all to explore and develop to follow your instinct.


Try to empty your mind from useless negative ideas. More than concentrating the problem areas be solution oriented person. When mind is filled with past anger, abuse, insults, humiliation it reflects in everything you try your hand in. It affects your view and judgement to see the world. The idea behind is that your reaction to the current events is hidden in your past occurrences. For example a girl who suffered exploitation or physical abuse in her childhood from the elders in family where she couldn’t get a chance to expose it ; you can imagine how her emotional world is devastated. Unless and until those psychological wounds are well treated; reflection of her mute pain, mute tears will be in every aspect of her life. You couldn’t expect her to be energetic and positive. Same goes with your ego, attitude, thoughts, social and political agenda you follow. Talking, writing, thinking constantly in negative, angry, hateful manner will never help you to build a positive life.


Try to make your mind more receptive and open to new positive ideas and innovations. This shall be the best move to defeat your fear factor. You can search potential in any idea if you have an ability to take the risk and work on your dream. What if I fail? What if this goes worst? What if I don’t take risk at all these phrases are the real culprit behind the murder of any little seed of imagination who has capacity to grow & multiply.  This will also narrow down your learning capacity.


Raise your meditation time. Meditation done before sun rising in calm and peaceful environment is a powerful meditation. It doesn’t mean you can’t do meditation at a day. You can do it as per your convenient time. To listen your inner voice you need to follow the techniques of meditation. Many people got the answers of the most difficult questions of their life while they are in meditation.   At least try to reach out 45 minutes of meditation limit.


Be conscious about your words and feelings. Give attention as to where is the focus of your mental and physical energy. Is your work contains  spending hours on social media doing nothing but trolling, laughing at people for their inabilities or are you a self-sufficient person who built up yourself from the ground and you keep same desire of that upliftment for other people? Think about your mental attitude. If you focus on your vision and positive outlook you will start to get guidance from the core of your mind.


Just recognise the fear factor. Eliminate it from your life. Many work suspends because of the fear of failure. Whether you win or you fail keep your attitude positive and strong to overcome the both possibilities. There is no concept as luckily successful. So behind any grand success there is a series of failures and fears. When you feel fear about anything the best way is to become isolate and meditate to find out the root cause of fear. This is nothing but a trap. A vicious circle. When we isolate ourselves and try to peep deep down in our mind to find out solution our intuition always show us the way.


Train your mind to see the positive and only positive outcomes. Practically it is difficult because you will end up meeting with the people, circumstances who are against your dreams or your vision. Taking doubt is their work and they are doing it but by no way you should fall for their negative approach. Your work is keeping intact your vision while swinging through the pendulum of negativity. When your inner voice is strongly humming you about your capabilities better to smile and neglect any other factors. Your faith can stand against all odds to prove your inner voice is right.


Build a series of positive affirmations for describing yourself and your goals and always keep yourself open and free to say those affirmations loud if possible in front of mirror. This will have huge positive impact on your confidence level and overall personality. It’s a proven method learned and done by many people. It is said that the word you speak drag your vision closer. Words have profound connection with your actions and your mind set.   This will open an influence from subconscious mind to guide you as per the affirmations you say for yourself. If you say again and again yourself the words like I am confident, I am beautiful, I am courageous, I am healthy, I am blissed …this shall create huge impact on your mindset. You will meet the circumstances, guidance, people who will help to prove the words you talk about yourself.


Power of visualisation has the greater impact to build the intuition power. The techniques are simple and has higher success rate. How you see yourself in your subconscious mind reflects the same image in the external world. This is successfully demonstrated by the world famous mind wizards, celebrities like Oprah Winfrey , Jim Carry, Bruce Lee,  International sports person like Kai Green, Mohammad Ali, Dwayne Johnson “The Rock.” & many other luminaries.   So this the list is extensive and still open dear readers. Hopefully it is waiting to add up your name in it.


Always keep in check to your inner gut feeling in case of important decision. Search for any relative symbol or sign which can lead you to the right decision.

This could be subjective from person to person. Many intuitive guide explains the power of subconscious mind to convey future through symbols and signs. It is upon us to be focused and trained at the core of our mind to receive those signals.


Participate yourself in creative and solution based activities. Exercise, dance, early morning running, martial arts, book reading, writing etc. etc. list is innumerable. Idea is engage yourself in learning skills, search your passion and developing it keeps you in the flow of positive energy. It will give you pleasure as well as mental focus to align your values with your mind.

These are some general insight as to how one can develop his ‘her intuition wisdom. The mind subject is vast and despite searching solutions in the outer world it is relatively easy to search it in inner world. Stay tune for more mind blowing stuff I will keep updating here. Stay healthy, Stay blessed.

-Simply Anjali

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  1. Thanks for sharing, this is great information.
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    • That’s sweet of you. Thanks a lot Finja

  2. This is an amazing post! Thanks for sharing, I’ll share it with my friends, will help them build the intuition power too! 🙂

    • Hey thanks a lot Monish for your compliment.

  3. Meditation always work for me. also having a positive mind and attitude towards things

    • Thanks carol. Meditation is the greatest tool and it helped me too. In fact helped everyone who trusted on this method. Thank you for responding

  4. Thank you for sharing, it was a good read.

    I hope in the future you could expand a bit more into each of the 10 subjects?

    • Thanks a lot for stopping by. Yes I am going to expand the series as topic cannot be completed in mere one article. Thanks a lot for stopping by my website.

  5. Yes these are the best Way’s especially the fear factor fear hold back alot of people great article

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  8. Very beautiful article revealing wonderful secret.
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