Developing your Intuition Power

Developing your Intuition Power

If you search the definition of word “Intuition” more or less you will receive it as

“Instinctive Knowing (Without The Use Of Rational Processes)”

So the question doesn’t arise it being “rational” (I specifically quote the word R-A-T-I-O-N-A-L). You just don’t find it in your typical expressive genre. You know what intuition is and you  experienced it in your life at least once but you may don’t know what it called or you don’t want to give any attention to it. When its existence may or may not be bone of contention for you but you would admit that intuition power helped you at the most vital stage, at the most critical condition, at the most ultimate decision making verge in your life.  When everything gone in toss, most lovable relations turned into most opposite directions and when  every resources were cut down people saved situations, changed lives, brought forth the history by taking decisions guided by their intuition power. The gift is free and pre possessed by everyone on this earth. Only thing is to unravel it. To learn more ; you first need to be accustomed with some basic concepts. Such as:


If you have studied psychology, theology, If you are a type of a person interested  in occult sciences, spirituality, law of attraction, mind power, universal energy, healing  then you are quite habituate the concept of subconscious. Some theories of spirit world suggest that the “soul” in the body is nothing but “subconscious mind”. Of course the statement has supporters and non – supporters in its own way but a mind blowing fact about subconscious mind   any psychiatrist, psychologist or hypnotist can tell you that subconscious mind is the huge power bank of your memories. Memories of your current life as well as all the memories of your past lives. The capacity to store the memories are infinite and it literally store each and every trivial to grand detail. So conventionally talking  the mind may have two parts one is conscious that is called our intellectual mind which is the most active part of brain and one is subconscious the silent, hidden one but this silence is deceptive. Subconscious mind is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. It is the part of mind which is connected to the highest self or the supreme self.



Talking about your conscious mind or intellectual mind. It’s the part of brain who perceive the things capable of senses. Conscious mind can understand the perception of touch, feel, smelling, watching, hearing and all other activities throughout the five senses bestowed to human. You can call it the rational mind because it will only believe in tangible things. Conscious mind analyse the situations as per the knowledge, impressions, thought patterns it has received from the environment we live from  birth till death. This part of mind is responsible for decision making too. While being the mighty part still conscious mind has its own limitations.  Conscious mind do not possess an ability to judge, evaluate the things which are beyond the five senses. The patterns imprinted on conscious mind are long lasting.  More the conventional, rigid thought patterns are;   more it make the change difficult. A person who born and brought up in orthodox family may carry those thoughts and traditions he learnt for life time even though they are senseless and outdated.  The rigid pattern created by his conscious mind do not let him break down.


On the contrary see the subconscious mind in the light of subliminally illuminated spotlight. Imagine a little child. Who is altruistic in its deed, spotless in its heart and purest in its mind. A child who is far away from man-made ego, religions, sects, polluted concepts, ideologies, ISM’s etc. So innocent, witty & humblest. A child who is receptive to every idea, every new concept and easily accept everything as truth without a second thought. A child who trust and give its efforts regardless his capacity.  This child is nothing but your subconscious mind. Yes you read it right. Your subconscious mind will always remain childlike till the end of time. That is the reason when you may forget what happened to you at your early age but your subconscious mind never forget. Bruises of insult, humiliations, secret exploitations remain intact in the subconscious and so we see the adults who are just mimicking their lives in the grown up body but  that humiliated , offended child of a subconscious mind inside them  always carry those wounds.


That’s the interesting question. Few of you may not know that intellectual mind is just a tip of an iceberg. As a person we grow subconscious mind has great impact to build our identity, thought patterns, evaluation, judgemental powers, behavioural blue prints. Although it is a store of an infinite memories those memories are prevented to be remembered. Cherished in the deepest down in mind; otherwise it is difficult to live your life in the light of popping up whole traumatic incidences happened throughout life. Subconscious awareness is the best awareness we can afford. It is the power house of all past experiences, knowledge achieved, skill acquired, lesson learned. So when you are happened to be confused in life and felt exhausted to see all the doors are closed on that verge of collapse your mind magically flash out ideas which you never thought before. You get signals from mind to prevent further damage to situation. You goes through some unnatural but well interconnected events which leads you to the right path. You get signals from signs and symbols in dream as well as in your awaken state. So this intuition power is nothing but the guidance of your subconscious mind to your intellectual or conscious mind.


Although the intellectual mind get guidance from subconscious mind not every person is receptive or open to receive that guidance. If the mind-set is extremely negative, if the mind is pre possessed by fathomless misconceptions, useless ideologies and rigid political, social “ISM’s person would throw away the intangible concepts like conscious or subconscious mind and its potential. This shut downs any future possibilities and ex cogitation that life could afford by unveiling the mysteries. If your belief system tells you that this mind concepts are shitty and useless no question arise you will develop your psychological abilities. On the contrary if person is receptive, positive and his belief systems are flexible then he  will be extremely happy to learn something like this. A positive mind is always occupied with positive ideas, energy and peace. Rather than being problem concentrated the focus of positive mind is always solution oriented that’s why you could see the success stories where  many business tycoons , entrepreneurs, thinkers,  had taken their decisions or developed their thoughts guided by their intuition power.  While nobody believed in them but  later on there decisions or theories altered the flow of history.

I would like to write further about this. Instead of stretching it into one longest post I will write the second part. Thank you for stopping hereby and taking time to read this article.  Stay tuned to my website for more interesting stuff.

-Simply Anjali


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